Information For Presenters

This is an information page for (potential) presenters at a ChangeCamp event

What kind of presentations are suitable for ChangeCamp?

ChangeCamp is all about psychological methods of change including: coaching, therapy, counselling, hypnotherapy, training, mindfulness. If your proposed presentation falls in the category of psychological change then there is a good chance of it being well received.

ChangeCamp is not a ‘Mind Body Spirit Fair’ so presentation proposals about bodywork, beauty treatments, psychic procedures, metaphysical or religious approaches such as: Yoga, massage, tarot cards, Angelic Reiki, clairvoyance, law of attraction, Spiritualism, Numerology, Tantra, dowsing, etc, etc, will not be accepted. This is not to decry any of these approaches, it’s just not what ChangeCamp is about.

If you are not sure if your proposed presentation would be a good fit for the ChangeCamp event please submit your ideas and I will give them fair consideration.

If you are presenting at ChangeCamp

First, let me thank you for presenting at ChangeCamp, without the generosity and effort of presenters the event wouldn’t happen. I hope you find the event as inspiring and uplifting as I do and find new friends, colleagues and contacts.

Second, there are two modest perks to being a ChangeCamp presenter: you don’t need to pay to get in and you don’t need to bring a contribution to the shared lunch (unless of course you want to).

About The Presentations

ChangeCamp is primarily an experiential event, participants expect to take part in workshops rather than lectures. You may present lecture / presentation material if you wish, however make those presentations as interactive as you can.

Please exercise good professional judgement in any exercises or demonstrations you do during the workshops.

You are liable for the conduct of your presentation, and must take full responsibility for it. I (Andy Hunt) as the organiser of ChangeCamp take no responsibility for the content or delivery of what you present (personally I’d rather not need to have to say things like that, but you know how it is).

Please ensure your relevant professional insurance covers these kinds of event.

You can advertise your courses or professional services during your presentations, I recommend keeping those announcements to the end of the presentation.

Please have a supply of relevant brochures, business cards and marketing information with you.


Each presentation room is a classroom that has been cleared of tables. There is usually enough room for up to 30 participants if it’s a theatre style workshop, if you need room to move around that will drop to 20-25 participants.

There is an upper limit due to fire regulations of 35 people per room. If your presentation is over subscribed you may need to turn people away.



Please bring your own supply of handouts for your presentation, (we do not have access to any printing facilities on site).


Please bring whatever supplies (pens, paper, etc) you need for your presentation with you.


If you need a flipchart, and you have one, please bring it with you. If you need one, and haven’t got one, please let me know, I bring mine, but there may not be enough flipcharts to go round.

Audio-Visual Aids

We do have access to the overhead projectors in most rooms. Bring your laptop and a cable with you if you wish to use Powerpoint or show video.

I can’t guarantee the availability of the audio-visual system, if it is not on, or breaks in some way, there is no-one on site on the day to help sort things out. I suggest that you have a ‘Plan B’ for your presentation just in case.


There is an advanced sign up sheet on the ChangeCamp website for each presentation. That sign-up facility closes on the Thursday evening before ChangeCamp and I will send you a list of participants who have signed up for your workshop.

However this is only a rough approximation of who you can expect at your workshop. Typically only half the people attending ChangeCamp sign up for workshops in advance, so you will probably have more, or many more, people than are on this list. People also have a tendency to change their minds about what they want to do on the day so this list is best regarded as an approximation.

It’s up to you on the day to decide how many people you want to let in (within the limits of the fire-regs), please try to accommodate everybody and favour the people on this list if you can’t.

If your workshop is massively oversubscribed there will be space at the top end of the dining hall if you want to run the presentation there, but it’s not an ideal location.

Marketing Space In Main Hall

In the main hall each presenter will have a table available for marketing materials, brochures, products for sale and a place to chat to potential clients, customers, trainees and admirers etc. Make sure that you bring enough materials to hand out. The usual number of attendees at a ChangeCamp event is between 70-90 people.

Advertising Your Events On The ChangeCamp Website.

As a presenter you are able to advertise events that you are running on the ChangeCamp Future Events page for up to a year after you make your presentation.

These events will be visible on the website and go out in the “ChangeCamp Courier” email newsletter which goes every Monday  to about 200 people (that number is increasing).

Let me know if you would like to take advantage of that facility and I’ll explain how it works.


The doors open at 8:30 on the day if you want to arrive early to set up your “stall”.

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