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About Alison Mesher

Alison is a coach, trainer and facilitator. She has been studying emotions and working to educate people about their emotional thinking for the last ten years. She completed a post graduate course in emotional education in 2002 through Derby University and currently works in primary education with children who need extra love and care to help their brains grow! She is a member of the Cumbria coaches network and lives in Cumbria where she is developing a coaching practice that seeks to look at psychological change through the integration of Christian Spirituality with brain based coaching!

Presentation: What Must Go On In The Brain To Effect Change …

.. And Why Is It So Hard?

Image courtesy of A_of_Doom

Image courtesy of A_of_Doom

Alison has been a passionate pursuer of all things transformational over the last 15 years in her own life and in the lives of those she works with.

In this workshop Ali, will be looking at why change is so difficult, from the perspective of the structural changes that must take place in the brain in order for new behaviours to emerge.

Drawing on the exciting, modern discoveries of neuroscience, the ancient wisdom of spiritual disciplines such as silence and contemplation, and the significant role of emotion on behaviour-she hopes to fire and wire your brain into new ways of thinking and learning!