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About Anne Morrison

Anne helps her clients to lead happier, more balanced lives. Anne is an experienced therapist, trainer and facilitator, who has worked within the UK and internationally. She lived and worked for many years in Scotland before returning to the north east 3 years ago. Anne draws upon her experience as a life coach, NLP master practitioner and cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist to tailor her work to help her clients get the results they want. She also develops and produces her own range of self-help audios and courses. Anne Morrison, MBSCH, MPNLP, DipCHyp, PCHyp, PCBHyp, IEMT, Dip Coaching Clinical and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching

Presentation: Mind Over Matter – The Placebo And You

Image courtesy of Fabian

Image courtesy of Fabian

Our thoughts are very powerful and we are all open to suggestion.

Clinical research uses a placebo as part of the controlled experiment to check how well a new drug or clinical intervention works.

Over the years there has been more and more evidence that many of those taking the placebo also make improvements in health outcomes.

This ‘placebo’ effect can also work when participants know it’s a placebo.

Anne, who uses nlp and hypnosis to help her clients, will be drawing upon research on placebo and other evidence to explore the possibility that we can train ourselves to use our own powers of suggestion to help resolve issues.

Anne says “I don’t know if we can but if we could just imagine the possibilities”

Presentation: Comfort Eating – What it is and how to stop!

Image courtesy of kirti poddar

Image courtesy of kirti poddar

Desserts anyone?

This session will look at comfort eating. During the session we’ll explore the physiological and psychological triggers that lead to comfort eating and how the response can be changed.

Over the years Anne has worked with many clients who comfort eat and helped them to stop and learn other ways to cope with negative emotions and situations.

She has researched the links between food and the impact that sugar, salt and fatty foods have on our brains and how we can become addicted to them.

So if you have ever turned to food when you feel down, stressed or just plain bored you might find this session helpful.

Presentation: Metaphors Of Life

Image courtesy of h.koppdelaney

“Metaphors of Life” – an interactive workshop exploring the ways in which we describe our lives, including the problems we may be having.

We hear people say “I reached a plateau”, “I’ve come up against a brick wall” but what is it like to live within those metaphors?

This workshop will help you explore some of the metaphors you use in your life and how they can be used to solve problems or improve your life.

Please bring paper and pen.

Presentation: Watch Your Words

Image courtesy of Becky F

We use words all the time: to chat, in letters or emails, but what do those words really mean?

In this interactive presentation Anne will help you think about the words you use and what they may say about you.

She will help you start to think about some of your own ‘self-talk’ and the assumptions you may make about yourself and others based on what they say.

Please note: This presentation runs from 2:15 pm to 3:30 pm