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Chris Forrester is a qualified & experienced Leadership Coach & Hypnotherapist. With her business partner Sue Saunders, Chris & Sue have made it their mission to support their clients to achieve the balance in their lives that clients say that they so desperately want. Even stressed out children & teens are benefiting from Chris & Sue's stress management techniques & using their new found confidence & skills to really enjoy their lives - friendships, hobbies, school & home life.

Presentation: Autumn Relaxation Retreat

Image courtesy of Joel Bedfor

Where has the Summer gone? Hard to believe that Autumn is with us yet again.

We know just how hectic & busy 2017 has been. There’s never been a moment to just stop & think!

The Retreat People believe that the ability to relax, let go & just experience living in the moment – even for a short while, is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourself.

Time to stop and be still is priceless as we manage any unhelpful & overwhelming stress in these hectic & challenging times.

The Retreat People, Chris & Sue are professional Clinical Hypnotherapists who specialise in using their expertise in Hypnotherapy & other psychological interventions to help people of all ages, from tots to teens & beyond, deal with the harmful effects of unwanted stress, worry & anxiety utilising Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness Meditation, Relaxation & Breathing techniques to manage the unwelcome effect of stress in our lives.

As ever our relaxation workshop is perfectly timed at the end of Autumn Change Camp 2017 to give you time to simply pause, take a breath & assimilate all the new & exciting learning from today. So are you ready just to relax in mind?

Our Autumn Mini Retreat is your time to just let go as you enjoy some simply powerful relaxation & stress management mindfulness techniques designed to recover that all important balance & peace of mind.

As ever The Retreat People look forward to relaxing to revive with friends old & new at Autumn Change Camp 2017.

We Know You Know but Remember – To Enjoy Your Relaxation Retreat Please Bring:

  • Comfortable clothing so that you can fully experience some easy relaxation exercises.
  • Lightweight cosy blanket or cover – some people like to lie on the floor although chairs will also be available (You already know – We always say, Teddy Bears & Slippers are optional!)
  • Your desire to relax, chill out & just enjoy yourself at the end of a busy day.

Here’s To A Super Powered Relaxing Workshop


Springing Forward …….

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us at the end of the day for our mini retreat workshop. We’re always tight for space but who cares …. we just let our minds transport us away to who knows where & back again. It’s always fun to relax to revive with you all & melt  those stresses & worries away. We do hope that we’ve put some Spring back into your step so that you’re ready to really enjoy the sunny days ahead.

We look forward to retreating with you again very soon,

The Retreat People, Chris & Sue.

PS: Hope You All Slept Well Too!

Get Ready to Spring Into Life ….

As ever The Retreat People Chris & Sue are so looking forward to welcoming you to our mini retreat taster at the end of the day. We know many of you love stretching out on the floor but chairs will also be available in our workshop room.

To help you relax remember to bring along your favourite cosy blanket & just wear clothes that you feel comfortable relaxing in then we’re good to go!

Our Best Regards

The Retreat People

Presentation: Spring Into Life

Spring Lamb

Image courtesy of Penny Maycock

As ever we’re ready to put the spring back into life at 2017 Change Camp.

Once again, The Retreat People, Chris & Sue would love you to join us at our mini Relaxation Retreat taster session at the end of the day of your Spring Change Camp.

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A Gift In Mind ……

Did Black Friday or Cyber Monday work for you? If you’re struggling to find the perfect present remember we’ve launched our Pre Festive Retreat Day Gift Vouchers so that your friends, colleagues or relatives can enjoy a unique experience with benefits that will last well into the New Year. What’s not to like – the gift of time out so that they can relax back into their right mind ready to really enjoy the festivities ahead. More details at The Retreat People website
Our Best Regards
Chris & Sue