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About Graham Turner

I help people deal with both physical and thought based issues. Based in the Hexham, Corbridge, Stocksfield and Tyne Valley area, with a Newcastle and wider North East client base, as well as holding online coaching sessions throughout Europe and the USA.

Presentation: Beating The Voice Of Anxiety

If you can hear a voice within you that says “You cannot paint” then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.

Vincent Van Goch

That internal voice that beats us down 

This is a personal and practical invitation to explore the internal voice that says no in your life and you to beat it at its own game.

Anxiety, stress, fear and  self doubt all words and ways we express that physical and mental manifestation within our mind and body, that can stop us dead from doing something old or new, hinder  a relationship or career as well as possible long term effects on our lives.  

How much control does our mind have over us and is it possible to beat our mind at its own game, to take back control to respond to the voices with strength and determination.

So join me as we explore the labyrinth and see beyond our physical and mental realities .

Presentation: The Mind Body Connection

Image courtesy of Run On Beat

Image courtesy of Run On Beat

We have all heard about positive thinking and how we need to look after our mental and physical well-being.

How many of us actually take time out for ourselves it are busy lives to do just that?

In this workshop we will be looking at the mind and body connection in our everyday life, how it impacts us in a positive and negative way and how simple changes in one or the other can improve both.

We will look at simple yet effective examples of small changes in body position can help both physical comfort as well as have a dramatic effect on your mood.

We will work through the circles that bind us, negative body postures, habitual patterns etc that stop you living in and enjoying the moment and activities that can bring further balance into your life.

We will be exploring ways to allow you to get the most out of your body in a safe and pain free way that in turn will allow your mind to be free from emotional binds that you back.

So if you have chronic pain in your back, shoulders, knees or just injuries that you would like to work on, join me to see how much better you can feel.