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Presentation: How To Live A More Light Hearted Life.

Light hearted life
Image by klimkin from Pixabay

Anxiety, depression, mood swings, hormones and external factors can all make  it look impossible to live a more fulfilled light hearted life, filled with love,  compassion for ourselves and others and actually enjoy living.

Keeping us in a prison of our experience, our worlds can get smaller and smaller until the day comes that we break free from the thought chains  that bind us.

While there may be factors in our lives that we experience and we have no control over,  we do and can have control over how we live those experiences.

This interactive discussion is designed for those who are, or know someone who is, struggling with life. Bring your questions, bring your curiosity and most of all, bring your  sense of knowing there is a possibility life can be easier for you and let us explore together.

Presentation: Connection First

Inside out parenting from the heart, not the head.

We can never have an amazing relationship with our children when we lose connection.

It is so easy to lose the way with our child or parent by following the wrong advise no matter how well meaning it may be. We all have our own innate spark, our wisdom, that will guide us through the storms of parenting.

By learning to parent from the inside out, not the outside in we can reconnect and become a family once again.

Presentation: Defusing Troublesome Thoughts With ACT

DefusionAcceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) contends that there are opportunities for purpose and meaning even in the midst of intense pain or suffering.

The goal of ACT is not to merely eliminate suffering, but to find a way to use one’s own pain and suffering to grow and find meaning.

When we are in a state of cognitive fusion we are stuck to our thoughts. It is almost as if we cannot separate ourselves from our thoughts. In a state of cognitive fusion, thinking completely dominates our behaviour. We think or believe that something is true and we act as if it is true.

Defusion involves “learning to step back and separate or detach from our thoughts, images and memories”. When we choose to consciously disentangle ourselves from the grip of our internal cognitive drama, we are practicing mindfulness.

When we are defused from our cognitive processes, we begin to see them for what they are: words or pictures. In this state of defusion we allow ourselves to mindfully observe our internal processes without relinquishing control to them, we notice them, choose not to pass judgement on them, accept them and let them go.

This presentation will give an insight into part of ACT therapy through practical experience, meaning you will understand this on a level personal to you.

Presentation: Bringing Out The SPARK In Kids

Image courtesy of dbrekke

Image courtesy of dbrekke

Schools teach our Kids their ABC’s and 123’s yet they miss something so vital to our Kids wellbeing and I am sure you are seeing the reports or have heard stories about how the youth of today seem to be under so much extra pressure than we had when we were young.

The one thing they do not “teach” though is how our Kids think about themselves, what is possible for them to achieve in their lives. They are not teaching how their mind works and how it can be used to empower Kids and give them the tools to develop positive self esteem, overcome mistakes, handle peer pressure to be self responsible while they move through life with the right mindset.

Myself and Graham J Turner will be holding this presentation to bring out the SPARK inside every kid.

S- speaking to the
P – promise
A – ability and
R – resilience inside
K – kids.

We will be using the program to discuss the thought cycle, to demonstrate how the way we think creates our perceptions and then in turn our experience.

We will be exploring the various ways the Kids can be influenced and held back in life and how to change them.

Understanding separate realities and demonstrating that acceptance of different thoughts about the same problem shows new ways to find possible solutions.

We look forward to sharing this and so much more in this program with you very soon.