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About Karen Hughes

I'm a Life and Confidence Coach based in County Durham, UK. My absolute passion is working with women who are committed and ready to make positive changes and improvements to their lives and my reward is seeing you and your confidence soar through that process.

Presentation: Introduction To Mindfulness


Image courtesy of Vicente Villamón

What is mindfulness?

What are the benefits of practising mindfulness?

In this introduction we will explore how we can engage in mindfulness in every day life to help us savour and enjoy our lives

We’ll look at self awareness and recognition of our thought processes, enabling realisation of when we’re slipping into the past or future and how to return ourselves to the present.

We’ll also look at our daily routine and explore how our minds slip into overdrive with all the tasks we need to do, places we need to be etc. and see how mindfulness practice can fit into our daily lives.

And we will work on being kinder and more compassionate to ourselves from a mindfulness point of view.


Presentation: The Greatest Love Of All

The Greatest Love Of All

Image courtesy of knitsteel

Living in today’s world can be tough on us, both emotionally and physically.

Why then do we we feel the need to be so tough on ourselves too?

When we really take time to look at how we treat ourselves we’ll usually find that we’re our own worst enemy and critic.

We often don’t feel that it’s socially acceptable to big ourselves up or blow our own trumpets so to speak, this would be frowned upon and seen as big headed, right?

In this presentation we’ll look at the effects of stifling that self love on our day to day lives. Let’s turn it all around, let’s not be big headed or arrogant but let’s just explore how we can change our own world by being a little kinder to ourselves, showing ourselves the same compassion that we so freely give to others.