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Presentation: Reinforcement For A Better 2019

Everything has three phases but do you make the most of them all?

If you brush aside your experiences and rush onto the next thing without
a pause, you may be missing valuable reinforcement opportunities.

Get the most from each phase and work through 3 key questions to
strengthen your self-image and propel you forward to a better future.

Presentation: Using Narrative In Coaching

Narrative Coaching

Story telling is part of what it means to be human. We are natural story tellers, passing on important lessons through folklore and story since ancient times.

In modern times, the best novels and films are narratives that reveal meaning to us that shifts our perspective. In our organisations and cultures, the most inspirational leaders communicate a vision that is a compelling story of how the future can be.

Our life stories are constructed as we remember and connect events in a way that makes sense of our experiences. Inwardly, this emerging narrative becomes our sense of self. Outwardly, we present ourselves to the world in narrative too, acting in ways that fit the story.

In narrative coaching, we are seeking not to understand the facts of events, but the unique way in which each individual experiences them. Everyone brings their own individual story and narrative coaching is a respectful, person-centred approach that can help people uncover and understand their own narrative. Through doing so, we can recognise that there can be alternative stories. Both for ourselves and for our organisations.

We can re-construct our narratives and realise that we have the power to be the authors of our own life story.

Join this practical workshop to explore the use of narrative in coaching.

Presentation: Beating The Voice Of Anxiety

If you can hear a voice within you that says “You cannot paint” then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.

Vincent Van Goch

That internal voice that beats us down 

This is a personal and practical invitation to explore the internal voice that says no in your life and you to beat it at its own game.

Anxiety, stress, fear and  self doubt all words and ways we express that physical and mental manifestation within our mind and body, that can stop us dead from doing something old or new, hinder  a relationship or career as well as possible long term effects on our lives.  

How much control does our mind have over us and is it possible to beat our mind at its own game, to take back control to respond to the voices with strength and determination.

So join me as we explore the labyrinth and see beyond our physical and mental realities .

Presentation: Taming Your Mind’s Monkeys

Mind Monkey's

“I am not good enough…what if I fail?…others are so much more capable than me…what if they don’t like me?”.

On and on goes the internal negative chatter. We all have this, humans are hard wired towards a negative thinking bias.

But, if you listen to and believe this chatter, not only is it detrimental to your mental health, but it holds you back from experiencing your best possible life.

Attend a Taming your Mind Monkeys Introductory session and you’ll learn some practical tools and techniques to help you notice and tame your Mind Monkeys, putting you back in control of your life.

Presentation: Turning Your Difficult Conversations Into Positive, Problem-Solving Experiences

  • I’ve got to talk to him about his attitude.
  • I’m not looking forward to the committee meeting. 
  • My neighbour’s dogs never stop barking; I’m going to have to talk to her. 
  • I was wrong, I’ve got to apologise. 
  • OMG!  I’ve got that awkward client this afternoon.  

A difficult conversations is anything you find it hard to talk about. So, what to do?  Avoid or confront?  Whatever, you will probably be anxious and stressed as you make up your mind. 

This workshop explores what makes conversations difficult, why we avoid them, and why we often handle them badly.  It applies to how we deal with children, parents, landlords, tenants, clients, customers, friends, team members, patients, employees, your boss and colleagues of any kind.

We will consider the tools for effectively engaging in a difficult conversation.  The outcome will give you the confidence to turn future difficult conversations into positive outcomes”.