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It’s That Time of Year Again!

It’s been such a hectic year & so much has happened! We can’t wait to welcome our guests back for our Autumn Relaxation Retreat at Linden Hall Hotel on Sunday 12th October.

Do hope that you too can join us as for one whole day of much needed relaxation deep in the stunning Northumbrian countryside. With an Autumn chill in the air we’ll relax by a roaring log fire as well as enjoy some late Autumn sunshine. Together we can press the pause button on life & clear out that mental clutter that can feel so overwhelming. Time to revitalise & space to hear ourselves think again ….. after all, that’s what Autumn should be about!
Chris @ The Retreat People

Getting It Together: a “success” workshop from Life Clubs – 4 October, 6pm.

Get it together in all areas of your life, instead of just a few.

Learn: What makes it easy for you to be accountable and use that learning in all areas of your life.
Improve: Your understanding of yourself .
A success workshop: Once you know what makes you accountable you’re on a roll.
Why now?: So you can finish everything before the new year.
This workshop is a Life Clubs classic: Great to feel successful at any time.

Life Clubs are 90-minute weekly workshops that give you a clearer way of thinking. No pressure to come every week – come whenever suits you. For more info and to book online go to or contact your local host, Abi – details above or on the Newcastle page on the website.


Life Club Tuesday 20 September: Training Your Mind – a “change” workshop to work with your internal dialogue.

Coming up this week we have Training Your Mind, a “change” workshop to help you become more aware of your self-talk, and harness its power. Many of us say things to ourselves that we would consider cruel if we said them to another person.  But as you talk to yourself all day, you influence yourself more than anyone else does. This workshop will help you think about what you want to say to yourself, and take control of it.

Learn: A few ‘rules’ about talking to yourself.
Improve: The way you think about yourself.
A change workshop: You’ll start thinking (and feeling) better almost immediately.
Why now?: In time for that September fresh start.
At Life Clubs you get a clearer way of thinking: Enough said…

Book on our website for discounts (a pass is cheapest!), or pay on the door (door only for concessionary members).

Life Clubs are 90-minute weekly workshops that give you a clearer way of thinking. No pressure to come every week – come whenever suits you. For more info and to book online go to or contact your local host, Abi – details above or on the Newcastle page on the website.

Life Clubs in April – a weekly dose of self-awareness.

If your post-ChangeCamp glow is starting to wear off a little, have a look at Life Clubs’ April offerings.

Like ChangeCamp, Life Clubs uses the buzz of inspiring people working together to help each other to feel good, gain self-awareness and achieve goals – it’s lovely!

Newcastle Life Club meets every Tuesday night, 6pm (doors 5.45pm) at the lovely Settle Down Cafe (just round the corner from the Tyne Theatre). Here’s what we’ve got going on in April:

5th April: From Fright To Delight

Fear is a natural human emotion – everybody has phobias. But many people’s lives are stalled by fear of failure, of change or even success. What could you achieve in your life if you had no fear?

Learn: The structure of the three most common fears
Improve: Your ‘get up and go’
A confidence workshop: Manipulate your fears into enjoyable tools that push you further
Why now?: It’s never too late to get fear-less
Life Clubs helps you think more clearly: Discover how sometimes fear can be a product of your mind

12th April: Giving Yourself Away

Only 20% of communication involves words. The other 80% comes from body language. What signals do you think you might be giving off to people?

Learn: How your body communicates
Improve: Your non-verbal communication style
A communication workshop: Use your body language to communicate more effectively
Why now?: It’s almost the summer – everyone is body conscious
Life Clubs helps you think more clearly: To the extent that you’ll know what your body is saying

19th April: First Things First

70% of employees work beyond scheduled time and on weekends; more than half cited ‘self-imposed pressure’ as the reason. How can you take steps towards managing your time for a better work/life balance?

Learn: How to prioritise
Improve: The way you manage your time (and your life)
An organisation workshop: Get control of your routine – no matter how big or small
Why now?: Start like you mean to go on
Life Clubs helps you think more clearly: Once you’ve decided what’s important you’ll feel calm

26th April: Visual Problem Solving

Discover how easy it is to use the right side of your brain to solve a problem or find a direction

Learn: That it’s easier to draw than you thought it was
Improve: The way you feel about your problems/ worries/ concerns/ anything that’s bringing you
A creativity workshop: Transform your feelings into images
Why now?: It’s incredibly exciting at any time
Life Clubs helps you think more clearly: Visualise your problems to understand and solve them

You can find out more about Life Clubs and book online at our website, where you can sign up for a great weekly bulletin by our founder, author Nina Grunfeld.

Feel free to get in touch with me at if you have any questions. You can also join our Facebook page, read our blog, and follow us on Twitter… but as ChangeCampers know, there’s no substitute for the real thing – I hope to see you at Life Clubs soon.