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Relax & Revive @ 2018 Mid Summer Retreat Day

Where’s the time gone?  It’s been a challenging & busy year but it’s hard to believe that we’re already nearing the mid point of the year!

Once again we will be pressing the pause button on life at with a mindful our Mid Summer Retreat Day on Sunday 24th June ’18, by popular demand, back at Linden Hall Hotel, our rural bolt hole tucked away in the Northumberland countryside.

If you would like to join us in banishing stress in style, please let me know as soon as you can & I will reserve a guest place on your behalf.

We looking forward to relaxing & reviving with you very soon,

The Retreat People

Presentation: Spring Into Spring

Spring Into SpringHow We think = How We Feel = How We are Physically

As we will be in a classroom, let’s have some class time together to practically, help you ‘boing’ into Springtime – let’s learn and play together! With a focus on using simple NLP techniques, we can learn how our we can drive our own changes.

We all have already lots of learnings…. I want this to be your workshop to support permanent change to even more action for what you want to achieve this year… I’m with you 100%, and within this classroom, let’s do some class work together and supercharge!

So who would like to catalyst into Spring (boing!) – using some practical NLP techniques, like my favourite, the “Swish” pattern….. Let’s ‘swish’ excuses into action….or whatever it may be for you (or your friend!).

Let’s help you create your future today, right now, by design… boing boing!

Are you with me?

ChangeCamp Presenter Publishes Book

Nancy Radford one of our regular presenters at ChangeCamp has just had a new book published.

Conflict First Aid

By Nancy Radford

Conflict First AidThis book provides practical tips on managing disputes and personality clashes before they create major problems for you or your organisation. It will help you understand

  • Causes of conflict
  • How to minimise damage
  • Why we aren’t logical under stress
  • How to manage emotions
  • How to set and maintain standards
  • How to repair and restore relationships

Structured so that it can either be read as a whole or the relevant section accessed in a crisis, it provides a handy resource for anyone wanting to improve relationships.

Available as an e-book or printed at

There is a 10% discount available if you use the code RAD318 before March 31st

Also available from Amazon and other booksellers.

Nancy Radford is an accredited mediator, specialising in early conflict resolution, with additional training in mediation online, restorative conversations, special educational needs, and vulnerable adults. She is also qualified as a trainer, business and personal coach. She works with owner managed businesses, schools, and third sector organizations, minimising and resolving conflict through training, coaching and mediation. Her services are available in person, on the phone, and over secure Internet connections.

She helps people improve their professional and personal relationships by effective communication, changing the stories they tell themselves and providing tools and strategies that last a life-time. Before becoming a full-time mediator and coach, Nancy’s varied career included nursing, midwifery, business ownership, management, consultancy and training.

Nancy will be presenting again at Spring ChangeCamp 2018

Spring ChangeCamp 2018

Even if spring feels a long way off at the moment, Spring ChangeCamp 2018 is definitely on it’s way.

Spring ChangeCamp 2018 – 10th March, 2018

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Presentation: Learn About The Havening Techniques®

Presentation: Learn About The Havening Techniques®

Learn about the Havening Techniques® with one of the first certified practitioners and trainers in the world, Carol Robertson PhD. Gain an understanding of how ...

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Presentation: Tapping Into Feeling Better

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) / Tapping is a simple self help process that's easy to learn and easy to use. We ...

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Presentation: Small Steps to Big Change

When we think of things that we want to change, we can get hung up with the final outcome which ...

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Presentation: Laughter Yoga And Dabke Dance

Keith Adams who has always brought Laughter Yoga to Change Camp is unable to attend the Spring 2018 Change Camp ...

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Presentation: Spring Into Life With The Retreat People

The first green shoots of Spring are already appearing telling us it's time to spring back into life with The ...

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Presentation: Spring Into Spring

How We think = How We Feel = How We are Physically As we will be in a classroom, let's have ...

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Presentation: Do You Eat Your Emotions?

A Rough Guide to Emotional Eating and what we can do about it Emotional Eating is quite simply, eating to supress ...

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Presentation: The Listening Circle

Presentation: The Listening Circle

To really listen to another human being is an art. An art that we can all learn. Whatever is on your mind ...

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Presentation: A Guided Imagery Of Psychosynthesis

At this workshop Harry will give a One Minute introduction to Psychosynthesis. You will then go on one of Roberto Assagioli ...

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Presentation: Drawing Out The Child In You

This presentation is all about exploring your personality through simple drawing and writing exercises. Using Star-Wave Drawing, a simple technique developed ...

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Presentation: Introduction to Mindset Skills

Learn the principles behind mindset skills and some of the activities and techniques we can apply in simple content-free ways ...

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Presentation: Defusing Troublesome Thoughts With ACT

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) contends that there are opportunities for purpose and meaning even in the midst of intense ...

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Presentation: A Secret Of Happiness

POSTPONED UNTIL AUTUMN CHANGECAMP I don’t want to give too much away about the session, but its a unique opportunity to ...

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Presentation: Integrated Performance Coaching

You've focussed on your goal, you've worked at it, you have yet to achieve it. In this practical session you ...

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Presentation: Introduction to Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Presentation: Introduction to Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Solution-focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) takes a particular interest in what’s working people’s lives, as opposed to what isn’t. This information often ...

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Presentation: Changing Your Luck by Changing the Stories You Tell

Do you feel dogged by bad luck? Would you like to get luckier? Do you seem to meet all the wrong people? ...

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ChangeCamp is a day packed full of interesting and valuable seminars, presentations and workshops on all types of psychological change work. It is a great opportunity to try out new things and meet new people who are interested in the fascinating world of self-development and change.

Presentation: Rapid Pain Elimination

Pain reliefPain Victims Needed!

In this workshop we will explore the relationship of the power of the mind on the body.

You will learn how the body stores pain and how we can work with our unconscious mind to get agreement and completely erase the old pain completely.

I also intend to demonstrate (with a willing participant) how to remove pain permanently which can be done sometimes remarkably in as a little as five minutes.

Typically the process rarely takes more than 20 minutes. So come along, have fun, feel energy shift, and watch how pain can be removed simply, safely and effectively.

If spare time allows I will show you how to remove emotional pain too with a similar method.

Look forward to seeing you on this highly interactive workshop.