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Presentation: Impostor Syndrome

Let’s start with – YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

Do you:

  • Struggle to take ownership of your success, feeling like a fraud?
  • Think you’re not worthy of your success?
  • Attribute success to luck or other forces outside your control, rather than your own effort, dedication, and intelligence?
  • Think people won’t pay what you should really charge so you price lower?

All these things Beverly has experienced, and more! She will take you through her story, lightbulb moments and give you the ideas to help you:

  • map your self sabotaging behaviour
  • identify your drivers;
  • define your own success; and
  • turn your drivers into Impostor Invaders!

Autumn ChangeCamp 2019

Autumn ChangeCamp – 12th October 2019 – Newcastle Upon Tyne

ChangeCamp is a day packed full of interesting and valuable seminars, presentations and workshops on all types of psychological change work. It is a great opportunity to try out new things and meet new people who are interested in the fascinating world of self-development and change.

Presentation: How To Manage Your Inner Tortoise

How to manage yourselves (and others) who default to tortoise mode when unwanted change or conflict is on the horizon. In ...

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Presentation: Simple Tapping For Stress Relief

Image by Pedro Figueras from PixabaySometimes life can be stressful and distressing.If you would like to learn a simple way ...

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Presentation: Using Narrative In Coaching

Presentation: Using Narrative In Coaching

Story telling is part of what it means to be human. We are natural story tellers, passing on important ...

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Presentation: Havening Power Circle

Presentation: Havening Power Circle

An opportunity to explore the practical use of Havening TechniquesJoin this workshop and learn how to use Havening to empower ...

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Presentation: A Clean Space Exploration

Image by PIRO4D from PixabayIn this workshop you will experience the fundamentals of David Grove's 'Clean Space' methodology, Clean Space ...

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Presentation: An Autumn Retreat In Mind

Image by Valentin Sabau from PixabayAs the seasons change it’s time to turn our attention yet again to the opportunities ...

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Presentation: Exploring the Dynamics of Attachment in Adult Life

The McCluskey ModelThe McCluskey model seeks to address the fact that while we work in jobs that require us to ...

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Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Presentation: The Listening Space

Image by StockSnap from PixabayThis experiential session will introduce you to The Listening Space – a structured process in which ...

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Image courtesy of o5com

Presentation: Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Solution-focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) takes a particular interest in what’s working people’s lives, as opposed to what isn’t. This information ...

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Image by Magic Creative from Pixabay

Presentation: Understanding and Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

Image by Magic Creative from PixabayAre you working on your Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills? No! Then this workshop ...

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Presentation: Discovering Our Secret Selves

Weare all multi-layered and bring all of our selves into everyrelationship, whether we mean to or not! Weall have secret ...

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Presentation: Changing Unhelpful Memories

Some of us can have memories that cause us pain, sadness or other unwelcome feelings. This workshop looks at how, by ...

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Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Presentation: Taming The Tiger Within

Harnessing and Managing AngerAs an accredited and experienced workplace and civil mediator, I come across a lot of angry people. ...

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The standard fee is £17.50, or if you are retired, a student, on low income or unwaged the discretionary fee is just £12.50.

Happy New Year!

The Wellbeing Cafe Next Meets …..

Tues 8th January 2018 7pm – 8pm

The Wellbeing Cafe meets every 2nd Tuesday evening of the month @ Gallery 45 on Main Street, Felton in Northumberland.

Let’s raise a cuppa to ensuring that we take a little time out to care about our own positive mental health next Tuesday at 7pm & begin the New Year as we mean to go on – relaxed, de stressed & inspired in mind!

You may already know that The Wellbeing Cafe is a voluntary initiative offered as part of Change Camp Presenter Chris Forrester’s mission to de stress the North East in 2019 as her contribution to promoting positive mental health for all across the region so entry is only £6 per guest.

For Further Details & Wellbeing Cafe Bookings Contact or Tel 01670 787932

Retreat In Mind …..

,Autumn Retreat

Hello To All Our Ace Stress Busters,

It was great to press pause with you all yesterday at our mini retreat in mind, thank you for taking the time at the end of your day to join me in downing tools to luxuriate in quite powerfully doing not very much at all. It’s lovely to hear that so many of you slept so well last night & that others have woken up today with a sense of renewed energy & get up & go! funny how this works isn’t it! Do let me know how things progress. Our workshop was fully booked yesterday so if you didn’t get the chance to sign up & retreat, please do join us for a Pre Festive Retreat Day at Linden Hall on Sunday 9th December – there will be a roaring log fire & a big cosy armchair waiting to welcome you & a whole day to relax & reclaim our peace of mind ready to really enjoy the holiday season ahead.

See you soon,

Chris @ The Retreat People


Nearly Time To Retreat ……

I’m looking forward to welcoming you all to our relax & revive mini retreat in mind at the end of the day. We are fully booked but don’t worry we can always make space for you to stretch out & relax.

I know you know but remember to wear clothes that you feel comfortable relaxing in & indulge yourself & bring along your favorite Autumn cosy blanket to help you drift away.

See you tomorrow for another great Change Camp

Best Regards

Chris @ The Retreat People