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ChangeCamp Is Changing

I’ve decided to wind up ChangeCamp in its current form after Spring ChangeCamp 2020 (14th March 2020).

Although the day is a lot of fun and I get lots of good feedback from attendees it’s getting increasingly difficult to make it work because:

1. It’s a lot of work setting up the event

There is a lot of admin effort in running ChangeCamp including: getting presenters for each event, writing up presentations and creating presenter pages, maintaing the website, writing and sending out ChangeCamp Couriers as the events get closer, hiring the venue and a whole load of other stuff. I’ve worked out that it takes about 100 hours of my time, each time, to run a ChangeCamp.

When I take into account how much I make out of a ChangeCamp it works out that I work those 100 hours at less than half minimum wage!

2. It’s a lot of work on the day

Almost everything that gets used on the day has to be brought in and set up on the day.

  1. The dining room has to be reconstructed – tables shifted, urns set up and supplied. (I usually have a lot of help for this part of the day for which I’m eternally grateful)
  2. The classrooms have to be deconstructed – tables lifted, stacked and chairs rearranged.
  3. Everything has to be kept ticking along during the day.
  4. At the end of the day (usually while everyone is in the last session) I deconstruct the dining room, stacking the tables and deconstructing the urns, tables, etc.
  5. Then I have to reconstruct the classrooms (normally I don’t get much help for this). At the last ChangeCamp I had to un-stack and replace about 80 school tables by myself.

Even though a few kind attendees help me with all this it is a lot of work. I’m 60 years old (How did that happen!) and I can’t see myself being physically able to do this indefinitely.

3. The numbers are going down

The third reason is the most important. Over the past few years the number of attendees has been dropping. From a high point of 90, a couple of years ago, the numbers have fallen to the high 60’s .

I envisage ChangeCamp as a kind of pop-up village that needs between 70-90 attendees to work well. More than 90 people would be unwieldy and overcrowded, less than 70 and it begins to feel sparse and under attended.

Over the last couple of years it’s been taking more and more effort to get people to attend – more time, more emails, more persuasion. At the rate the numbers are going I might have to resort to press-ganging to get enough people – I don’t want to go down that route.

So for those reasons, and following the old theatre maxim ‘always leave them wanting more, the Spring ChangeCamp 2020 will be the last in its current format.

What next?

I don’t want to hand ChangeCamp over to anyone else, it’s been my baby all along and I feel protective of it and the way it has been run up to now. I’ve put a lot into the brand and I don’t want to give up that hard work.

I do think it might be possible to keep some of the features of ChangeCamp and turn it into something that lives up to its values and is more workable.

I’ve tried to make ChangeCamp:

  • interesting – the content is interesting, varied and valuable to the participants even if it’s only a small taste of what’s possible.
  • low risk – participants can try out presenters and ideas without having to pay out or commit to a full-blown and expensive training.
  • affordable – almost anybody can afford to attend.
  • communal / friendly – it’s a supportive and warm environment that participants can contribute to – this is one of the motivations behind the picnic lunch.

I want to create something that upholds those values but makes it easier.

That’s all in the future when I work it out the details I’ll let everyone know.

In the meantime there will be Spring ChangeCamp 2020 in March 2020, which I will start working on soon.

Presentation: Impostor Syndrome

Let’s start with – YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

Do you:

  • Struggle to take ownership of your success, feeling like a fraud?
  • Think you’re not worthy of your success?
  • Attribute success to luck or other forces outside your control, rather than your own effort, dedication, and intelligence?
  • Think people won’t pay what you should really charge so you price lower?

All these things Beverly has experienced, and more! She will take you through her story, lightbulb moments and give you the ideas to help you:

  • map your self sabotaging behaviour
  • identify your drivers;
  • define your own success; and
  • turn your drivers into Impostor Invaders!

Autumn ChangeCamp 2019

Autumn ChangeCamp – 12th October 2019 – Newcastle Upon Tyne

ChangeCamp is a day packed full of interesting and valuable seminars, presentations and workshops on all types of psychological change work. It is a great opportunity to try out new things and meet new people who are interested in the fascinating world of self-development and change.

Presentation: Create Your Master Dream List

Image by tookapic from Pixabay“Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams. Live the Life You’ve Imagined” – ...

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Presentation: Introduction To Body Language

Image by Robin Higgins from PixabayRob's presentation is an interactive opportunity to begin to explore the importance of body language ...

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Image courtesy of o5com

Presentation: Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Solution-focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) takes a particular interest in what’s working people’s lives, as opposed to what isn’t. This information ...

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Presentation: Essential Skills To Fuel Change

Image by athree23 from PixabayWe’ve all been trained on how to give feedback. However, for feedback to fuel change we ...

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The standard fee is £17.50, or if you are retired, a student, on low income or unwaged the discretionary fee is just £12.50.

Happy New Year!

The Wellbeing Cafe Next Meets …..

Tues 8th January 2018 7pm – 8pm

The Wellbeing Cafe meets every 2nd Tuesday evening of the month @ Gallery 45 on Main Street, Felton in Northumberland.

Let’s raise a cuppa to ensuring that we take a little time out to care about our own positive mental health next Tuesday at 7pm & begin the New Year as we mean to go on – relaxed, de stressed & inspired in mind!

You may already know that The Wellbeing Cafe is a voluntary initiative offered as part of Change Camp Presenter Chris Forrester’s mission to de stress the North East in 2019 as her contribution to promoting positive mental health for all across the region so entry is only £6 per guest.

For Further Details & Wellbeing Cafe Bookings Contact or Tel 01670 787932

Retreat In Mind …..

,Autumn Retreat

Hello To All Our Ace Stress Busters,

It was great to press pause with you all yesterday at our mini retreat in mind, thank you for taking the time at the end of your day to join me in downing tools to luxuriate in quite powerfully doing not very much at all. It’s lovely to hear that so many of you slept so well last night & that others have woken up today with a sense of renewed energy & get up & go! funny how this works isn’t it! Do let me know how things progress. Our workshop was fully booked yesterday so if you didn’t get the chance to sign up & retreat, please do join us for a Pre Festive Retreat Day at Linden Hall on Sunday 9th December – there will be a roaring log fire & a big cosy armchair waiting to welcome you & a whole day to relax & reclaim our peace of mind ready to really enjoy the holiday season ahead.

See you soon,

Chris @ The Retreat People