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Presentation: Introduction To Mindfulness


Image courtesy of Vicente Villamón

What is mindfulness?

What are the benefits of practising mindfulness?

In this introduction we will explore how we can engage in mindfulness in every day life to help us savour and enjoy our lives

We’ll look at self awareness and recognition of our thought processes, enabling realisation of when we’re slipping into the past or future and how to return ourselves to the present.

We’ll also look at our daily routine and explore how our minds slip into overdrive with all the tasks we need to do, places we need to be etc. and see how mindfulness practice can fit into our daily lives.

And we will work on being kinder and more compassionate to ourselves from a mindfulness point of view.


Presentation: Colour Me Happy

Image courtesy of unbekannt270

Image courtesy of unbekannt270

Often, the simplest actions that happen as a child are the best way to reduce worries that can lead to stress.

When a child plays the natural act of laughter or an activity like colouring in is a brilliant way to remove anxiety.

As adults, sometimes the creativity that we have when we are young and the freedom to express ourselves is lost in a grown up world. We are encouraged to be sensible and behave in a certain way which can be restrictive.

Recently, it has been reported that most of the top 10 selling books are mindfulness colouring in books for adults.

Colour Me Happy will begin with a short laughter session, followed by relaxation and then some therapeutic colouring in.

Presentation: Introduction to Mindfulness

Image courtesy of Darragh O'Connor

Image courtesy of Darragh O’Connor

Do you ever wonder where you life is going?

Do you rush about from one thing to another feeling stressed?

Pause for a moment …

Wake up to being alive and discover the joy of being present in your life.

Experience the world afresh through your senses.

In this introductory workshop we’ll do some mindfulness of breath, mindful movement and mindful eating (mmm).

Mindfulness has been shown to:

  • transform negative emotions
  • increase well-being and resilience
  • reduce depression, anxiety and irritability
  • help relationships
  • boost the immune system
  • and more

Come along and find out how simple it is to bring mindfulness into your life.

Presentation: Autumn Mini Relaxation Retreat

Image courtesy of Lida Rose

Image courtesy of Lida Rose

It’s that time of year again. Where has 2015 gone??

Is it just us or did we blink and the months have rushed ahead of us. It has been a hectic and challenging time for so many of us.

The Retreat People believe that the ability to relax, let go & just experience living in the moment – even for a short while, is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourself.

Time to stop and be still is priceless as we manage unhelpful stress in these hectic and challenging times.

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Presentation: Mindfulness and Personality Type

Image courtesy of Darragh O Connor

Image courtesy of Darragh O’Connor

Are you interested in understanding what is going on in your mind, but are unsure how to approach this exploration, or what you should even be looking for?

This talk explains how combining the principles of mindfulness with those of Jungian psychological type can provide a powerful tool for self-awareness and growth.

Join Richard for this fascinating journey, bringing together some of the most popular areas of personality science and personal development in a unique way. There will be some simple awareness exercises, fascinating facts and ideas plus opportunities to share and reflect on your experiences with others if you wish.