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Presentations for the Autumn 2011 ChangeCamp workshop

Introduction To Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Solution-focused Brief Therapy takes a particular interest in what’s working in people’s lives, as opposed to what isn’t; explores strengths rather than deficits; and seeks to harness these in the endeavour to help clients progress towards their ‘preferred future’.

The workshop will provide a taster of the approach, some tools that can taken away and opportunities for discussion on applications of the approach.

Vision Quest

We will be using the Betty Erickson self hypnosis technique to frame our intentions, dreams and goals to create compelling visions. Even if you struggle with vizualisation this session is for you as you can learn to programme your unconscious mind through not only seeing visions but also through feeling, hearing, smelling, tasting or a combination of any five senses to embed your desired dreams and outcomes.

State Choice

Funnily we have a choice of which state we go into, whether this is anger, panic or stress.This experiential workshop will afford you the luxury of ‘state choice’ and give practical tools for managing your state, whether this is for performance, taking a test or reducing anxiety in certain situations. We will focus on on body, breath, muscle relaxation and vizualisation and how to adopt a a good ‘Clean 3rd Person Perspective.’

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

We all make them, each and every day, but how good are we at them?  Studies profiling successful people show they have excellent decision making skills, the ability to make decisions promptly, and they are prepared to deal with the risk of the consequences of making decisions.  Fear of the outcome of decisions is the biggest factor in people avoiding decisions, whether consciously or unconsciously.

How many of us mere mortals get tied up by simple decisions?

Deciding which dish on the menu to choose, or which class to sign up for?

Or even which of the many inspirational ideas we’ve written down from attending all the talks at change camp we’re going to take action on first!?

This interactive workshop will guide you through an innovative decision making exercise, where you will choose to either evaluate a decision you’ve already made, or assess a decision that you wish to make.  You will come out of it having gained a clarity and understanding, not only of the particular decision you focused on, but also on how you approach decisions.  You will understand what works about your approach to decision making, and how to improve those elements that don’t work quite so well.


This workshop most benefits people whom are prepared to be rigorously honest about what’s holding themselves back.  The exercise goes through probing questions so that each individual will gain a deeper insight into their own decision making process, so that they can develop and improve this critical life success skill.   (Your personal answers remain confidential, unless you wish to share them on the day).


How much better would your life be if you improved your decision making skills?

If you want to be able to make better decisions, more promptly then this is the perfect workshop to wrap up your day at Change Camp, I look forward to seeing you there.

Enabling Change With Submodalities And Metaphor

The inimitable Harry Knox presents an NLP based workshop about using metaphors and submodality shifts to enable emotional change to take place.