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Presentations for the Autumn 2012 ChangeCamp

An Invitation To The Pow Wow

Image courtesy of jjsala

Amazingly, this Autumn’s event will be the 8th ChangeCamp.

When this all started back in June 2009 I had the idea that I wanted to arrange some kind of personal/professional development event in the North East. By then I had been to a few such conferences or workshops.

These big events usually have the same kind of format: you pay more than £100 and watch a number of presentations given by various big name presenters about how they work.

I wanted to run an event that was a bit different, an event where people could enjoy high quality presentations from a range of different backgrounds.  I wanted it to be a buffet selection from a wide range of psychologically based changework techniques.

By the way ”changework’ is a jargon word for any kind of therapy, coaching, counselling, teaching which produces a beneficial change in other people.

Rather than just be passive consumers of information I wanted to create an occasion where people could join in and share there interests and enthusiasms.

I wanted the event to have an atmosphere of participation and community, hence the informality and shared meal. Eating together is probably the oldest community activity for humans. Creating and sharing a meal, rather than just buying a sandwich and eating it by yourself, is a great way to contribute and take part in the event. I am often amazed to see how much trouble some people go to by cooking or baking specially for the event. (It’s no place to be if you are on a diet).

When you eat together you can talk together. In the tea-breaks and lunch break you have a chance to make new friends and talk to people who are interested in the same kinds of things that you are. You can’t underestimate how good it feels to talk to somebody who is interested in what fascinates you, especially when your interests have been met with rolling eyes or blank incomprehension by your family and friends.

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Presentation: Watch Your Words

Image courtesy of Becky F

We use words all the time: to chat, in letters or emails, but what do those words really mean?

In this interactive presentation Anne will help you think about the words you use and what they may say about you.

She will help you start to think about some of your own ‘self-talk’ and the assumptions you may make about yourself and others based on what they say.

Please note: This presentation runs from 2:15 pm to 3:30 pm

Presentation: Mindfulness: nowhere to go, nothing to do, nothing to change

Image courtesy of hurleygurley

Mindfulness is said to be the very heart of Buddhist meditation, yet in essence it has very little to do with any kind of religion at all, and is used by scientists, engineers, artists and therapists of all persuasions.

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally. During mindful practice we become more aware of the way our minds spend large amounts of their waking time simply distracted and often regretful about the past or anxious about the future, missing the very moments that are really all we have.

Mindfulness takes us out of any inner story we might have created and are caught up in and brings us into a fresh intimacy with our actual experience in an unconditioned way.

All these practices are not just in-the-moment practices though. You’ll see above the word “non-judgmentally” is used deliberately in the definition, and part of mindful practice is to bring a sense of non-judgment, a sense of compassion and loving kindness to self, to friends and to the world at large.

We become kinder to our bodies, our minds, we become more empathetic, considerate people; we take time and we have time, for we learn to truly savour the moments we live.

in this experiential workshop we will be using breathwork, sitting practice and visualisation to

  • explore how it is to sit with our thoughts and feelings
  • experience the sense of distracted mind
  • learn how we relate to our inner stories about ourselves
  • tentatively learn what conditions we might create to become more compassionately intimate with ourselves

Mindfulness: it’s not what you think

Presentation: Change Personal History With NLP

Image courtesy of becca.peterson26

This powerful NLP ‘Pattern’ has had many variations over the years and was a forunner to NLP timelines; a positive session where we add positive resources to old unwanted feelings and take these forward into future scenarios.

Interactive and easy to understand, you will learn through demo, application and a short review of theory so that you have a clear understanding of how this combination of NLP techniques such as anchoring, timelines and disassociating from unwanted feelings work as one single Pattern.

By the end of this session you will have the basic principles and techniques to apply to yourself and others in order to practice, experience change, become more proficient and confident.

Presentation: Align With Your Purpose

Would you like to become clearer about your Life Purpose?

Do you long for a sense of personal fulfilment, the feeling that you are doing something which makes a difference?

To be clear about your Life Purpose is to put down the foundation for future personal growth. So the sooner you become clear, the better your results will be in EVERY area of your life.

In this workshop we will explore the Five Steps to Aligning With Your Purpose.

  • Step One: Go Within and Connect With Your Higher Self.
  • Step Two: Find Your Passion and Purpose.
  • Step Three: Identify Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Step Four: Clear Your Blocks and Complete Your Past.
  • Step Five: Into Action!

By the end of the session you will have begun to identify where your passions and purpose lie and shift some of the blocks in your way. You will leave with a clear plan of action for moving forward along the path to discovering your Life Purpose.