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Presentations for the Autumn 2012 ChangeCamp

Presentation: Building Self-Esteem in Children

Image courtesy of allthecolor

Confidence is such a fragile state that can be shattered without realising what we have said or done. Having the resilience to bounce back from negative events or comments builds an inner strength and develops self-esteem.

Come along to this workshop if you are curious about strategies for building self-esteem in children and young adults.

Of course, they will all work for adults too!

Presentation: Using EFT To Improve Your Relationships With Difficult People

Image courtesy of Ed Yourdan

The world is full of people: parents, children, brothers, sisters, bosses, employees, colleagues, customers, etc, etc, etc.

That’s a lot of people, and people can be tricky to get along with. Our personal, business or social relationships can swing between being very supportive or very taxing.

As somebody once said “95% of our problems talk back.”

In this workshop Andy Hunt will introduce a simple, three step EFT based process for easing difficult relationships with challenging people.

Learning and using this process will make the relationship less stressful and take away the feeling of being trapped in old, unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

Using this process will give you more freedom and flexibility in your relationships and help you be clearer and make good choices in what to do next.

In short, it will give you better relationships.

Important: This workshop requires some experience of EFT (the Basic EFT intro at the beginning of the day will be enough).

Presentation: How To Feel Good

Image courtesy of evoo73

Unfortunately human beings are much more skilled at feeling bad than they are at feeling good.

Nobody lies awake at 3am thinking and feeling good thoughts. We need to do something extra to allow the good feelings in our lives soak into our system.

In this mini-workshop Andy Hunt presents three relaxed guided meditations on the theme of feeling good and letting that good feeling in.

No previous experience of meditation is required.

Presentation: Relax Into Autumn

Image courtesy of nakae

Life seems to be getting more hectic & stressful for everyone. Busy work & family lives means that we never seem to have enough time for ourselves, we feel permanently anxious, can’t unwind or enjoy the moment. In this stressful world, the ability to relax, let go & just let life flow is priceless.

What better place than Change Camp to enjoy a relaxation session with The Retreat People.

We will use guided relaxation & meditation techniques to help you retain the learning, sense of community & energy of Change Camp & of course re-energise everyone ready to enjoy the amazing Laughter Yoga session to follow.

To Enjoy Your Session Please Bring:

  • Comfortable clothing you feel relaxed in
  • Lightweight cosy blanket or cover – some people like to lie on floor although chairs will also be available ( Your Teddy Bear & Slippers are optional! )
  • Your desire to relax, chill out & just enjoy yourself

Presentation: Laughter Workshop

Image courtesy of dbrekke

Keith Adams accredited life coach and training manager who specialises in the science of happiness and laughter as a coach and laughter facilitator.

This is the Laughter workshop – 45 minutes of serious laughing – this is the workshop that will leave you smiling for days and is a perfect way to round off the ChangeCamp experience.

(By the way, this isn’t a picture of Keith 🙂