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Presentations for the Autumn 2013 ChangeCamp

Presentation: Brief Grief Therapy

Brief Grief TherapyDeath is a part of life and bereavement is universal.

For most of us we manage to find our way through our loss and pick up the pieces of our lives.

Sadly, some people get stuck in their grief with no way out with what they believe to be no way out.

In this workshop Harry Knox, NLP Trainer and Counselling Supervisor for CRUSE will teach you how to use the Brief Grief Therapy process he has developed to help people come out of the other side of their grief.

No one needs to mourn for 50 years like Queen Victoria, it is possible to help somebody grieve, mourn and come back to life without years of stuggle and suffering.

This workshop will be particularly relevant to counsellors or other members of the helping professionals who work with grieving people.

This is a workshop for professionals so you will need experience of counselling or therapeutic work to attend this workshop.

Note: This is a replacement for the cancelled Introduction To Core Transformation presentation
Image courtesy of  tkksummers

Presentation: Stress Management Workshop

Image courtesy of Alan Cleaver

Image courtesy of Alan Cleaver

Stress in the workplace is widespread. It is a major issue not just for employers but for many workers too.

It impacts on our performance at work and generally on our home life too as being able to switch off from work whilst spending time with friends and family is not always easy.

During this interactive session we will:

  • explore what stress is,

  • where it comes from, and

  • how to identify the warning signs.

We will also look at some simple strategies that can help us cope with work related stress.

This is a joint presentation by Aly and Caroline Malloy

Presentation: Enjoy Living Life On Your Terms

Image courtesy of demc7

Image courtesy of demc7

  • Today, it is reported that over 50 million people in the UK own mobile phones, approximately 60% of those own smart phones. Smart phones allow people instant access to text messages, emails, internet and even TV.
  • 97% of households own a TV and in 2010, more than 60% were reported to have more than 3 TVs. We are now watching more TV than at any time.
  • Obesity rates in the UK are the highest in Europe and is a growing concern for health officials.

Scientists argue that these are some of the reasons why the well-being of individuals is suffering.

So have you lost a little spark? Is your life fun and enjoyable? Are you living in a re-active state?

If you feel like you are letting life fly by or are allowing the roller coaster of life to take a hold of you then read on……

This workshop is designed to help you:

  • Develop a greater understanding of play
  • Increase your awareness of the benefits of play and how it shapes the brain
  • Identify your play killers
  • Free yourself of fear by finding out your own hidden play personality
  • Build your play profile
  • Create an action plan to help you introduce more play into your life

By fostering play, you can regain the mind of a child and place yourself in a better position to deal with the challenges life throws at you.

Using techniques associated with Psychology and NLP this fun and interactive workshop will give you the opportunity to understand the importance of play for your health and well-being.

Presentation: Rapid Personal Change By Using Metaphors

Image courtesy of h.koppdelaney

Image courtesy of h.koppdelaney

How to elicit, develop and then change a metaphor in order to effect change either within ourselves or with people we are working with.

This is a practical workshop suitable for all, regardless of whether you have any experience of working with metaphors.

Presentation: Comfort Eating – What it is and how to stop!

Image courtesy of kirti poddar

Image courtesy of kirti poddar

Desserts anyone?

This session will look at comfort eating. During the session we’ll explore the physiological and psychological triggers that lead to comfort eating and how the response can be changed.

Over the years Anne has worked with many clients who comfort eat and helped them to stop and learn other ways to cope with negative emotions and situations.

She has researched the links between food and the impact that sugar, salt and fatty foods have on our brains and how we can become addicted to them.

So if you have ever turned to food when you feel down, stressed or just plain bored you might find this session helpful.

Presentation: EFT And The Power Of Slow Change

Slow ChangeThis is a short introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or “Tapping” as it is sometimes called, and what I call ‘Slow Change’

If you look on the web you’ll find adverts for ever faster and more powerful change techniques. Miracle cures with powerful new techniques that claim to be able sort out your life in seconds.

If you are suspicious about some of these claims (as I am) then this introduction to EFT will show you how to use a simple, but powerful, technique for daily stress reduction.

No miracle cures just a steady way to change your life a step at a time.

That’s ‘Slow Change’, it doesn’t sound like much, but over time, with each stressor reduced you can experience the compound interest of change as your modest de-stressing investment pays off over time.

As a bonus the relaxed speed of change means you have time to adjust and to integrated the changes you are making.

This mini-workshop is designed to introduce EFT and give you the skills to lower your level of stress on the small and everyday stressors that drag on our lives.

Presentation: True Resilience … The Viktor Frankl Way


Image courtesy of marco monetti

“When we are no longer able to change a situation; we are challenged to change ourselves”

– Viktor Frankl, Holocaust survivor of four concentration camps, psychiatrist and author of “Man’s Search For Meaning”

Jayne takes you on a journey into how we can become more personally emotionally resilient in our lives with the help of Viktor E Frankl, Nick Vujicic (no arms/legs) and her own personal experiences of how our systems can really work for us.

This is an experimental and experiential workshop.

Presentation: Anxiety Resolution & Health Matters.

Image courtesy of Life Mental Health

Image courtesy of Life Mental Health

A very practical workshop from Nigel Hetherington for better and anxiety free living.

In a previous life as a software engineer, I got paid very well to do anxiety. How well does being anxious pay? Probably not very well, yet my guess is you still do it. Don’t like it and want to stop. This workshop is for you.

Anxiety to most of us means worry, stress and frankly a debilitating and painful emotional symptom. Imagination used in this way is a crippler. But …

What this also means is that an anxiety sufferer has an excellent and very powerful imagination.

If we think about anxiety as a real and polished skill, That’s odd isn’t it, we can put the same skills to work to generate, with practice, far more agreeable futures.

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Presentation: The Laughter Playshop

Laughter Playshop

Image courtesy of boleshka

“In observing children we notice that they play with their problems.  They set up scenarios and, in a very creative way, they play with different possibilities.  

In adult terms this kind of play is called creativity.  Einstein said, ‘I play with ideas’ – and he came up with some humdingers”.

– Dr Annette Goodheart Ph.D

Would you like to embrace your playful, humorous side and broaden your emotional intelligence? If so, please join me on the Laughter Playshop.  Laughter and play are natural antidotes to life’s difficulties; they lighten your burdens and help you keep things in perspective. A good hearty laugh reduces stress, elevates mood, and brings your nervous system back into balance.

We will look at the history of therapeutic laughter and the science of emotional intelligence.  Then we will get into the nitty-gritty of laughter with games and laughter yoga exercises. Laughter and play helps us:

  • Take hardships in stride. By allowing us to view our frustrations and disappointments from new perspectives, laughter and play enable us to survive annoyances, hard times, and setbacks.
  • Smooth over differences. Using gentle humour often helps us say things that might be otherwise difficult to express without creating a flap.
  • Simultaneously relax and energize ourselves. Playful communication relieves fatigue and relaxes our bodies, which allows us to recharge and accomplish more.
  • Become more creative. When we loosen up, we free ourselves of rigid ways of thinking and being, allowing us to get creative and see things in new ways.

Presentation: NLP for Public Speaking

How to engage your audience, whilst holding your nerve.

Public speaking

Image courtesy of jurvetson

NLP can be the most valuable tool to have at your disposal for public speaking and presenting.

Not only because it teaches you how to engage your audience in a much deeper, richer and interesting way than many conventional approaches but, uniquely,in how it teaches you HOW to hold your own attention on the primary skill-set needed for public speaking and presenting: managing your state and nerves.

On this short taster we will be exploring an overview of the NLP 8 step presentation format.

As well as this we will also be demonstrating one or two techniques for working with body feelings, breathing and visualization to transform the process of speaking into something highly comfortable and positive.