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Presentations for the Spring 2012 ChangeCamp workshop

Presentation: Submodalites And The Structure Of Experience

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The inimitable Harry Knox will present on the subject of submodalities, a crucial element of our subjective experience.

Being able to recognise and work with submodalities gives us lots of ways to change our experience.

Demonstrating NLP principles and processes Harry will give you an excellent and entertaining introduction to a fundamental but often overlooked part of our inner world.

Image courtesy of francesa rose

Presentation: Time To Relax

Life seems to be getting more hectic & stressful for everyone. Busy work & family lives means that we never seem to have enough time for ourselves, we feel permanently anxious, can’t unwind or enjoy the moment. In this stressful world, the ability to relax , let go & just let life flow is priceless.

What better place than Change Camp to enjoy a relaxation session with The Retreat People.

We will use guided relaxation & meditation techniques to help you retain the learning, sense of community & energy of Change Camp & of course re-energise everyone ready to enjoy the amazing Laughter Yoga session to follow.

To Enjoy Your Session Please Bring:

  • Comfortable clothing you feel relaxed in
  • Lightweight cosy blanket or cover – some people like to lie on floor although chairs will also be available ( Your Teddy Bear & Slippers are optional! )
  • Your desire to relax, chill out & just enjoy yourself

Presentation: Stepping Into Someone Else’s Shoes.

Ever wondered what someone else was feeling in a situation?

Try stepping into their shoes and see how they fit.

By doing this you can get a good feeling of what it is like to be interacting with you as someone else, this can enable change through acceptance of an alternative viewpoint to your own.

Image courtesy of Ellas’ Dad

Presentation: Quick Start EFT

This is a short and practical introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT): a very simple self help process with surprising power.

EFT can be thought of as acupuncture for the emotions without using needles. By tapping on certain acupressure points on your face and body with your fingertips, you can significantly reduce the negative charge on memories, feelings and beliefs. It is surprisingly easy to learn and I use and teach it to most of my clients.

In this introduction you will learn the basics of the technique and be able to apply on day to day issues.


Presentation: Developing Compassionate Self Acceptance

Compassionate self acceptance is a more robust version of self esteem. Rather than feeling good about ourselves which can be tricky when things aren’t going well we can learn to feel kindly towards ourselves whatever the circumstances.

In this workshop you will learn some simple techniques to develop self-compassion and put it into practice.

Image courtesy of Raphael Goetter