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Presentations at the Spring 2014 ChangeCamp

Presentation: How To Create An Inner Love Affair To Achieve Anything You Want

Image courtesy of Vincent_AF

Image courtesy of Vincent_AF

Most people either want to lose a bit of weight or know someone who is trying to lose weight or is following one diet or another and with a massive growing diet industry advertising the latest diet craze, slimming pill, book or fad, costing people hundreds of pounds and a lot of disappointment, it’s no wonder why it leaves people feeling overwhelmed about what’s best for them and how to successfully lose weight and keep it off.

In this interactive workshop Deborah will take you on a journey where you will learn how there is so much more to yourself than meets the eye and how you must understand this ‘hidden’ factor of your personality, if you are ever to develop yourself properly and fully achieve your goals using your inner potential.

This workshop is much more than learning how to manage your weight because you will not only learn the fundamental reason why people struggle to lose weight and to keep it off, but also how to tap into your inner potential to achieve anything you set your mind to.

You have to first be prepared to put to one side for the duration of the session at least, your most cherished beliefs values and conditioning to consider taking a different journey to get different results in your life which are long lasting. If you’re way isn’t getting the results that you want, isn’t it time to change it?

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Presentation: Harry Knox?

Image courtesy of dbking

Image courtesy of dbking

Harry has declined to describe his presentation.

I have no idea what he is plans to do and he says he hasn’t either.

Those of you that know him will understand that it has something to do with NLP and it will have something to do with the picture (or not).


The only way you can find out is to attend.

Presentation: Change For Healthy Eating

Image courtesy of The ReflexMan

Image courtesy of The ReflexMan

If you want to look and feel better come and find out how to change to healthy eating. In this interactive workshop, we’ll work through the factors that generate momentum to start a change.

Touching on the science behind the failure of dieting, we’ll look at a better approach and explore what it takes to keep eating well.

Jackie is a coach and scientist who competed in international sport for 21 years. She is devoted to helping others improve their lives through her passion for food and health.​

Presentation: Equine Facilitated Development

Image courtesy of  úlfhams_víkingur

Image courtesy of úlfhams_víkingur

If I told you that working alongside a horse could help you change your life, would you believe me?

Non judgemental, horses are extraordinarily responsive to human emotions and states of mind and are experts of knowing when we’re not being genuine.

In working alongside horses, people gain confidence and insight by discovering within themselves the qualities the horse is so good at eliciting.

Participants report an increase in confidence, improved communication skills and a developed ability to set healthy boundaries.

Horses can also help address personal and professional development; explore goals and direction and help you manage difficult relationships.

This session will explain more about how equine facilitated development works and you are invited to come on a journey to find out more about these soulful, spiritual creatures whilst exploring your own questions in life – who knows what you might find?

Sadly, there won’t be a horse present, so please don’t be put off if you know nothing about horses, or are a bit wary of them!

Presentation: How To Use EFT To Reduce Unecessary Suffering

Why suffering is overrated and how tapping can help

Image courtesy of hello turkey toe

Image courtesy of hello turkey toe

This is a short introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or “Tapping” as it is sometimes called, and how to use it to reduce the amount of unnecessary suffering in your life.

Someone, wisely, commented that pain was inevitable but suffering was optional.

After introducing EFT, Andy Hunt will explore how our psychological make-up makes us suffer unnecessarily and how we can use EFT to reduce some of that extra distress that we experience in everyday life.

This presentation is for people who want a short introduction to EFT and some ideas about how to use it to make their lives more comfortable. At the end of the presentation they will know how to use the technique to relieve some of stress from everyday life situations.

You don’t need any previous experience of EFT to attend.