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Presentations for the Spring 2015 ChangeCamp

Presentation: Laughter Yoga Workshop


Image courtesy of Alan Cleaver

For the first time the ChangeCamp finale session of Laughter Yoga is being brought forward to become one of the presentations. Please note this presentation starts at 4pm.

This is the Laughter workshop – 45 minutes of serious laughing – this is the workshop that will leave you smiling for days and is a perfect way to round off the ChangeCamp experience.

Presentation: Overcoming Fear And Self Doubt

Fear and self doubt

Image courtesy of Vic

Many of us have experienced a time when we have had goals that we wanted to achieve only to find that we are stopped along the way after encountering an obstacle.

That is the nature of goals, they often require us to step out of our comfort zone and overcome our fears and doubts.

This session looks at strategies we can use to over come the fear and self doubt that is holding us back from achieving our goals and at the same time boost our confidence through making positive changes.


Presentation: Integrated Performance Coaching

Integrated Performance Coaching

Image courtesy of Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig

You’ve focussed on your goal, you’ve worked at it, you have yet to achieve it. In this practical session you will explore a broader way to create a personal plan for success.

Integrated performance coaching is the approach Jackie used as an international sportswoman to prepare for big competitions. There’s more to a sporting performance than the sport. There’s more to business success than business.

Starting with an area of your life that you want to change, we’ll identify the factors that have an effect. People often think in a narrow way so expanding the scope is a key part of the technique. Understanding what contributes to a good performance helps you prioritize your efforts. Making the best of all factors within your control will give you confidence.

Jackie works in business and nutrition coaching. She competed in archery at international level for 21 years. She is devoted to helping people improve their lives.

Presentation: Editing Your Memories With NLP

Editing Your Memories

Image courtesy of 3:19

Despite Harry’s own inclinations to present I’ve No Idea What I’m Going To Do: Part 3, he has bowed to requests from participants to present a (slightly) more formal workshop on NLP submodalities.

Submodalities, the qualities of our subjective experience, are a fundamental part of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

In this presenation Harry will introduce submodalities and demonstrate how they can be used to ‘edit’ our memories to make the bad ones more comfortable and the good ones even better.

No previous experience of NLP is needed for this presentation.

Presentation: How Tapping Can Relieve Stress And Distress


Image courtesy of Alan Cleaver

Sometimes life can be stressful and distressing.

If you would like to learn a simple way to reduce your levels of stress and distress then this short introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or “Tapping” might be just what you need.

EFT is a deceptively simple process that literally taps into the body’s own soothing response to reduce the power of unpleasant emotions.

In this brief introduction Andy Hunt (AAMET Accredited Master EFT Trainer) will show you have to use this technique to reduce the stress and distress you feel in everyday life.

He will also describe some of the other ways of utilising EFT to heal trauma, soothe the inner child, dismantle self-criticism and generally be more at peace with ourselves and our lives.

By the end of this presentation you will have a simple effective process at your fingertips to deal with the simple stresses and distresses of everyday life.

You don’t need any previous experience of EFT to attend.

Presentation: SelfHelpLessNess

The fine art of getting out of your own way

selfhelplessnessHear the one about the Stand Up comic who went to see a hypnotherapist?

Mike Milligan is a successful stand-up comic with more than 20 years’ experience. Martyn Healy is a hypnotherapist.  Between them they reckon they’d tried everything. They’d tapped every inch of their bodies …. They felt the fear and didn’t quite do it anyway … and the giants within remained frustratingly leashed.

Like many people on “their journey” they thought the next course, the next book, the next guru would be the one. And it was in working together that they realised that there was really only one problem we all faced: Getting in your own way. They call it SELFHELPLESSNESS. martyn & mike

In this session they take a fresh look at the Self-Help and Change-business which will show you:

How to recognise this self-sabotage

How to prevent it

And how to give yourself permission to succeed.

And above all you’ll have a laugh along the way… which is therapeutic in and of itself. Just ask Keith Adams!

Presentation: Revive and relax

Image courtesy of Joel Bedfor

Image courtesy of Joel Bedfor

Do join us & spring back into life with The Retreat People at 2015 ChangeCamp.

Once again, The Retreat People would love you to join us at our mini Relaxation Retreat taster session at the end of the day at Spring ChangeCamp. It’s a real opportunity for renewal and fresh starts, or at least a time to breathe fresh life into old projects, attitudes & our approach to life.

As our lives get busier and the demands of work and family mean we spend less & less time looking after ourselves, something often gives & that something is frequently your peace of mind!

Unwanted stress is reaching epidemic proportions, impacting detrimentally on people of all ages including young children & teenagers. It can really get in the way of our ability to enjoy life’s simple pleasures – a good night’s sleep, enjoying time with family & friends, even reducing our ability to perform at our best in business or at work.

Just thinking straight & facing the day with confidence & optimism can become difficult once we are gripped by anxiety & unhelpful stress. It’s a cost that can have serious consequences to our health & well-being so taking time out to reflect & rebalance is priceless. We need to know how to manage our own personal response to stress & put it in it’s place for good!

In our workshop we will use guided relaxation, mindfulness & meditation techniques & tools to help you retain the learning, sense of community & energy of Change Camp & of course re-energise everyone ready to embrace the good things in life as we awaken to fully embrace the joys of Spring.

To Enjoy Your Session Please Bring:

  • Comfortable clothing you feel relaxed in
  • Lightweight cosy blanket or cover – some people like to lie on floor
    although chairs will also be available (Your Teddy Bear & Slippers as ever
    are optional!)
  • Just bring your desire to relax, chill out & simply enjoy yourself.

We look forward to relaxing & reviving with you once more at Spring 2015 Change Camp.

Presentation: Stories For Change

Stories of Change

Image courtesy of Robynlou Kavanagh

Most of us carry stories in our head: the meanings we have constructed from our experience. They are largely invisible to us as stories, as they are our representations of reality, and thus seem to be reality.

Sometimes, we have well-established stories that are unhelpful to us. These may be about ourselves (eg ‘I can’t handle conflict’) or about relationships with others (eg ‘She’s always out to get me!’).

This workshop assumes that underneath such unhelpful stories lie others, which we can be helped to discover, and which may open up more positive possibilities for the future.

We will briefly explore the reasons for that assumption, and then participants will have the opportunity to work (in pairs or threes) with a coaching model that seeks to:

  • Loosen the Grip of an unhelpful story
  • Discover a more helpful story
  • Enrich the Plot of the more helpful story.

So come along, to banish for ever a story that has plagued your life – or to help somebody else to do so. In either case, you will gain insights into:

  • the role of helpful and unhelpful stories,
  • the power of confirmation bias in self-fulfilling prophecies,
  • the art of disempowering unhelpful stories
  • the discovery of more helpful stories that are already latent
  • the practical steps necessary to nurture and grow these more helpful stories.

Presentation: The Positivity Toolkit


Image courtesy of BK

In this workshop you will be exposed to a number of tools you can use to increase positive attitudes in your everyday life.

Make the shift forward towards positive change by being reflective and self-aware by using tools from the field of positive psychology.

Within this session learn to apply a range of tools from the positivity toolkit!  Take a step onto the ladder of positivity and learn to be the change.

Presentation: Writing Through Change / Writing Through Living


Image courtesy of anna

There is objective, rational proof, through the research of Dr James Pennebaker, that writing expressively about meaningful life events, along with your emotions is of great personal benefit to both physical and mental health.

Come and engage in a warm, fun workshop to learn how you can begin building a personal relationship through journaling.

Learn how it helps to support you through  joy and success as well as through loss and trauma.

Discover how to manage the process in a safe and successful way to sustain the relationship.

Consider how sharing with supportive people can contribute to being heard and enable deeper connection to others.