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Presentations for the Spring 2015 ChangeCamp

Presentation: Stress and pain relief from laughter? It’s no joke!

Image courtesy of dbrekke

Image courtesy of dbrekke

Stress and pain relief from laughter? It’s no joke!

“Once the brain signals the body to laugh, the body doesn’t care why. It’s going to release endorphins; it’s going to relieve stress as a natural physiological response to the physical action of laughing” – Psychology Professor Charles Schaefer

Whether you’re guffawing at an episode of “Mrs Brown” or giggling at the latest Matt cartoon, laughing does you good. It’s a great form of stress relief and helps to ease pain and depression – and that’s no joke! With laughter, there is no overdose. What could be better?

When we laugh kindly at our troubles, we gain perspective and our resilience is strengthened. That doesn’t mean putting on rose tinted spectacles; it means accepting those things we can change and those we cannot.

This is an interactive, light-hearted workshop that explores the health and wellbeing benefits of laughter, humour and play.  Be warned, you will enjoy belly laughs!  We’ll be doing laughter exercises and childlike play.  The aim is to give you more ways to laugh and play in everyday life because:

  • Laughter generates increases in positive emotions.
  • Laughter humour and play are natural antidotes to life’s difficulties.
  • Laughter offsets the effects of mental stress.

Traditionally, Change Camp ends with 30 minutes of Laughter Yoga at 5pm.  Everyone welcome!

Presentation: Mindfulness and Personality Type

Image courtesy of Darragh O Connor

Image courtesy of Darragh O’Connor

Are you interested in understanding what is going on in your mind, but are unsure how to approach this exploration, or what you should even be looking for?

This talk explains how combining the principles of mindfulness with those of Jungian psychological type can provide a powerful tool for self-awareness and growth.

Join Richard for this fascinating journey, bringing together some of the most popular areas of personality science and personal development in a unique way. There will be some simple awareness exercises, fascinating facts and ideas plus opportunities to share and reflect on your experiences with others if you wish.

Presentation: “I’m starting my … next Monday”


Image courtesy of One Way Stock

For many people, New Year’s Day is an ideal opportunity to change a behaviour, but also the very time to savour a sense of failure.  This invariably leads to a loss of confidence, which continually results in even deeper low self-esteem.   At least 80% of New Year resolutions fail as swiftly as they began.

This annual ritual is usually short-term, instinctive and has no strategy, implementation plan or inbuilt flexibility to deal with issues that can hamper their intention, enthusiasm and commitment.

Of course, people who repeat this annual ritual, generally resort to using Monday’s, the first day of the month, or even a birthday / anniversary to achieve their desired outcome, usually with the same sense of failure.  The aim of this workshop is to resolve this issue.

By the end of this workshop you will be:

  • Aware of core elements that  contribute to failing resolutions
  • Familiar with pathways to change that can enhance the chances of achieving desired and successful outcomes
  • Identify the health and wellbeing benefits created by achieving lasting change
  • Acquainted with the conditioning process that must happen in all areas of personal development and success

This workshop will assist individuals and those working in a care and support role.  No prior experience is necessary.

Presentation: What Is Your Why?

Get clear on your passions and purpose

Image courtesy of Milos Milosevic"

Image courtesy of Milos Milosevic”

Are you fed up with your life? Do you sometimes have the feeling that there must be more to life?

Do you long to be able to live a life of purpose, where you’re making a difference?

You have a unique purpose, and you can be on your path, living your purpose, once you know clearly what your “why” is.

In this workshop we’ll explore a variety of ways to discover your passions and purpose.

You’ll leave with a much clearer concept of your “why” and a set of daily practices to keep you on track, living a life aligned with your purpose.