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Presentations at the last ChangeCamp

Presentation: Introduction To Happy Brain ™


In this session, Tracey Hutchinson will introduce you to your brain in thrive drive – when it is most able to relax and respond helpfully to whatever life throws at you. You’ll get to supercharge your thrive drive using play, creativity and NLP

Happy Brain™ is a simple model based on 3 principles:

  • Simplicity of neuro-biological systems of the reptilian brain
  • Resilience of self-managing emotional states
  • Clarity of thinking and brain aim

It is endorsed by Dr. Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) as both an introduction to NLP and also as a specialist application of NLP: “Happy Brain does what NLP should be, keeping it powerful and simple.”

In this hands on, practical, fun workshop you will develop take-away skills (with the underpinning knowledge) to boost your thrive drive.

So, now you’re wondering how much fun you’ll have at Change Camp, and how much you’ll learn about your Happy Brain™, book your place at this workshop and join the adventure.

Presentation: How To Live A More Light Hearted Life.

Light hearted life
Image by klimkin from Pixabay

Anxiety, depression, mood swings, hormones and external factors can all make  it look impossible to live a more fulfilled light hearted life, filled with love,  compassion for ourselves and others and actually enjoy living.

Keeping us in a prison of our experience, our worlds can get smaller and smaller until the day comes that we break free from the thought chains  that bind us.

While there may be factors in our lives that we experience and we have no control over,  we do and can have control over how we live those experiences.

This interactive discussion is designed for those who are, or know someone who is, struggling with life. Bring your questions, bring your curiosity and most of all, bring your  sense of knowing there is a possibility life can be easier for you and let us explore together.

Presentation: Spring Forward With The Retreat People

Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

The green shoots of Spring are emerging and the days are getting that little bit longer so perhaps it’s time to peek out and take a fresh look at life as we move into 2020.

For the very last time The Retreat People would love you to join us for a mini Relaxation Retreat taster session at the end of your inspiring Spring Change Camp day.

As ever it will be a real opportunity for renewal and fresh starts, or at least a time to breathe fresh life into old projects, attitudes and our approach to life.

Our mini retreat is the only workshop today in which you are expected to do nothing – what’s not to like – a power point free zone where no thinking is needed …. just time to really relax and blow away the cobwebs so we can make space to welcome in that much needed peace of mind.

In our workshop we might use guided relaxation, mindfulness & meditation techniques drawn from our expertise utilising Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, Performance Coaching & maybe even a little bit of Laughter Yoga to help everyone relax, drift off to who knows where and simply enjoy the moment.

So ready to welcome in the joys of Spring?

To Enjoy Your Session Please Bring:

  • Comfortable clothing you feel relaxed in
  • Lightweight cosy blanket or cover – some people like to lie on floor although chairs will also be available
  • Your Teddy Bear & Slippers as ever are optional!
  • Just bring your desire to relax, chill out & simply enjoy yourself.

Once again we look forward to welcoming friends old & new to our very last Change Camp workshop so we can relax & revive together big style.

Presentation: The Farewell Tour

Image by silviarita from Pixabay

A Rapid Exploration of Techniques, Strategies and Useful Tools To Enable Clients To Achieve The Changes They Want

As usual Harry will facilitate a fun filled learning experience in this, the last ChangeCamp presentation.

The workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to learn

Drinks afterwards in the Gosforth Empire Club where, no doubt, more learning will occur!

Presentation: Change For Healthy Eating

If you want to look and feel better come and find out how to change to healthy eating. In this interactive workshop, we’ll work through the factors that generate momentum to start a change.

As the health of the nation slides into NHS-crippling epidemics of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, people are beginning to recognise that food is a big part of the solution.

Most of us can modify our behaviour in the short term – think New Year Resolutions, diets and boot camps. But anything that needs will-power is doomed to fail in the longer term. So the answer isn’t a quick fix but changes that last.

What led sportswoman Jackie into 10 years of misery? Overweight, tired, moody and depressed, with dizzy spells and bad skin through her 30s, Jackie is now 55 but feels 19.

Come and explore the keys to lasting change, using 3 change models to help you live a long, healthy and joyful life by eating well.