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Presentation: Havening Power Circle

An opportunity to explore the practical use of Havening Techniques

Join this workshop and learn how to use Havening to empower yourself and others in practical, effective and comfortable ways.

Our focus will be on exploring how we can change our perspective and emotional responses more easily and pleasantly than we might imagine; and in increasing our wellbeing, through accessing pleasant memories, sharing our experiences and utilising Havening Touch and several Havening Techniques.

About Havening: a better way of living through neuroscience

Through research and development, Drs Ronald and Steven Ruden were able to share a new system grounded in neuroscience and clinical observation.

They called this system ‘Havening’, meaning ‘to put one in a safe place’, a safe haven. People who have experienced the techniques say that they are ‘effective’ and ‘easy and pleasant to use’.

A study at King’s College London showed that after just one session of Havening nearly all of the participants were able to concentrate better, let go of disturbing thoughts and eliminate worry, and were able to boost their self-esteem. The results also showed that most of the participants were still benefiting from those changes two months after the single session of Havening.

Presentation: Pain, Pain (psychological), Pain – And Relief?

You do feel pain, we all do. Be it physical or psychological we all feel pain. What you want to know is how to go from pain to relief … right?

If you are suffering emotional, physical pain or both this may be a useful workshop for you. Also if you are working with people with pain, you may discover some useful additions for your work.

I was approached in January to be a speaker / demonstrator on a well known ‘Pain Conference’ and I agreed with this stipulation : “I don’t know what I will do on the day with a specific client.”

This didn’t go down well because I was being asked to provide a specific protocol or set of steps to work with anyone. I don’t work one to one like that. If I work with you, you are an individual and your pain and relief will really not fit into a specific bed of tricks. Think Procrustes.

Procrustes was a Greek villain. He liked to either cut the feet or head off anyone that was too big for his bed; He was an inn keeper. Or if you were too small, liked to stretch you out to fit. One size fits all!

When working with pain, its important to remember your are working with a fellow human being and not be fixed to a specific process or another, although there are some very good processes out there.

This CC presentation will explore a variety of ways of potentially changing a
painful experience. Painful here defined as emotionally, physically or both.

Presentation: Beating The Voice Of Anxiety

If you can hear a voice within you that says “You cannot paint” then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.

Vincent Van Goch

That internal voice that beats us down 

This is a personal and practical invitation to explore the internal voice that says no in your life and you to beat it at its own game.

Anxiety, stress, fear and  self doubt all words and ways we express that physical and mental manifestation within our mind and body, that can stop us dead from doing something old or new, hinder  a relationship or career as well as possible long term effects on our lives.  

How much control does our mind have over us and is it possible to beat our mind at its own game, to take back control to respond to the voices with strength and determination.

So join me as we explore the labyrinth and see beyond our physical and mental realities .

Presentation: Taming Your Mind’s Monkeys

Mind Monkey's

“I am not good enough…what if I fail?…others are so much more capable than me…what if they don’t like me?”.

On and on goes the internal negative chatter. We all have this, humans are hard wired towards a negative thinking bias.

But, if you listen to and believe this chatter, not only is it detrimental to your mental health, but it holds you back from experiencing your best possible life.

Attend a Taming your Mind Monkeys Introductory session and you’ll learn some practical tools and techniques to help you notice and tame your Mind Monkeys, putting you back in control of your life.

Presentation: A Secret Of Happiness


Rob returns to deliver this thought-provoking session again after the positive feedback he received five years ago. This is an experiential exploration of happiness with an interesting twist.

A life changing session when fully engaged with.

“I don’t want to give too much away about the session, but its a unique opportunity to experience the findings of some American research and will be ideal for those who have the courage to savour an unforgettable experience.

Useful for anyone interested in personal development, the here and now, and really living. All participants must bring a pen, an open mind, a willingness to develop and a mobile phone.

I will supply letter paper, compassion and enthusiasm :-)”