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Presentation: Havening Power Circle

An opportunity to explore the practical use of Havening Techniques

Join this workshop and learn how to use Havening to empower yourself and others in practical, effective and comfortable ways. Our focus will be on exploring how we can change our perspective and emotional responses more easily and pleasantly than we might imagine; and in increasing our wellbeing, through accessing pleasant memories, sharing our experiences and utilising Havening Touch and several Havening Techniques.

About Havening: a better way of living through neuroscience

Through research and development, Drs Ronald and Steven Ruden were able to share a new system grounded in neuroscience and clinical observation. They called this system ‘Havening’, meaning ‘to put one in a safe place’, a safe haven.People who have experienced the techniques say that they are ‘effective’ and ‘easy and pleasant to use’. A study at King’s College London showed that after just one session of Havening nearly all of the participants were able to concentrate better, let go of disturbing thoughts and eliminate worry, and were able to boost their self-esteem. The results also showed that most of the participants were still benefiting from those changes two months after the single session of Havening.

About Carol Robertson PhD

This Havening Power Circle will be led by Carol who has developed this particular way of using Havening. She was one of the first five practitioners and Havening trainers in the world. Carol is also an artist, the author of two books published by Thames & Hudson, an inventor, and a specialist in sensory acuity, learning and change methods. She has found that studying Havening has transformed her understanding of learning, unlearning and how to generate effective and profound change in comfortable ways.

Presentation: A Clean Space Exploration

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

In this workshop you will experience the fundamentals of David Grove’s ‘Clean Space’ methodology, Clean Space is based on the idea that spatial relationships can have psychological and symbolic meaning.

We will be using only a few simple instructions and some key questions in order that you will be able to explore and experience a change to a current issue you’d like to work on. Whilst also learning about the interplay and importance of our inner and outer perspectives of our perceptual space by creating a developing network of physical spaces using only a pen and paper.

This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in change work.

Presentation: An Autumn Retreat In Mind

Image by Valentin Sabau from Pixabay

As the seasons change it’s time to turn our attention yet again to the opportunities and gifts of Autumn ahead. Where has 2019 gone? It’s been such a busy year! Does it feel like there’s been no time to stop and catch your breath. What with juggling family, home, business & work demands pulling us in different directions, stress just seems to finds a way to take hold and get a grip before we know it!

Time to down tools & retreat in mind. The Retreat People are back at Change Camp to help get things back on track with a mini retreat in mind so you can just relax and fully enjoy the fruits of the Autumn season. Allowing yourself time to pause and be still is priceless in managing that unhelpful or overwhelming stress which so easily takes root in these hectic & challenging times.

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Presentation: The Listening Space

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

This experiential session will introduce you to The Listening Space – a structured process in which one person facilitates another to explore an issue that is on their mind, using a combination of repeating back their words and a specific set of Clean questions. This could be anything from a problem they would like to gain clarity on to a creative idea they want to develop. ​ 

Clean questions can be used to focus on the metaphors that people use to express themselves. When this happens people experience being listened to at a very deep level and can be facilitated to make transformative and long-lasting changes.

Presentation: Discovering Our Secret Selves

We are all multi-layered and bring all of our selves into every relationship, whether we mean to or not!

We all have secret or hidden parts of our personalities representing many different aspects of ourselves, some of which we know and choose to keep secret from other people, others keep themselves hidden for much of the time, even from us. All of these hidden and secret selves are positive aspects of us; they exist for good reason.

Most of us are familiar with our Future or Ideal Self for example, whether as an ally inspiring us to stretch towards achieving our goals or a “monkey on our back” cajoling that we never will. And most of us will be aware of other aspects of ourselves who perhaps we’re used to keeping hidden for fear of exposing our vulnerability, or perhaps for their ability to hurt others – we call these “triggered selves”.

If we can bring all of our selves intentionally and positively into our daily repertoire, then we increase the depth of our self-awareness and by extension, the depth of our relationships with those around us. It’s usually in relationship with others that our secret, hidden and triggered selves come to light – sometimes helpfully and sometimes less so.

In this session you will be invited to find the courage to meet your secret selves face to face through a guided visualisation in order to welcome and appreciate them, learn from them, integrate their wisdom and knowledge about you, and move forward with a whole team of allies inside.