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We Certainly Retreated!

A big Thank You to everyone who joined us at the end of another wonderful Change Camp day for our mini Autumn Retreat. I think we broke some health & safety regulations squeezing so many bodies in such a tight space but who knew that powering down for just a short while could result in so many great outcomes – the best night’s sleep for ages …. determination to tackle a workplace bully …… book that holiday of you dreams  …… stop taking on so many family responsibilities …..  say yes to a date ….. dance more! Wow & it’s only Monday. We always love to hear from you following a relaxation session so please keep your feedback coming. Do hope you can join us in relaxing & reviving as we bust some stress in style at our Pre Festive Retreat Day on Sunday 11th December at Linden Hall – as ever we’re all hoping we get snowed in!


Time to Retreat!

What better way to end your day than to relax to revive at Change Camp. As ever The Retreat People, Chris & Sue look forward to welcoming friends old & new to our mini Autumn Autumn Retreat.

We Know You Know but Remember – To Enjoy Your Relaxation Retreat Please Bring:

  • Comfortable clothing so that you can fully experience some easy relaxation exercises.
  • Your favourite cosy blanket or cover – some people like to lie on the floor to fully relax although chairs will also be available (You already know – We always say, Teddy Bears & Slippers are optional!)

Lindisfarne Music Festival

Keith AdamsFor Change Campers who enjoy my Laughter Yoga – I will be facilitating Laughter Yoga at the Lindisfarne Music Festival on Saturday 3rd September.

Springing Back Into Life

As ever Change Camp was such an amazing day & all the more fabulous that so many of of you chose to relax, revive & retreat with us at the end of the day – we win the prize for squeezing so many relaxed bodies into the Red Room! Apologies that some people missed out on our mini retreat workshop, we were fully booked so stress busting space was at a premium!

Thank you for your updates – great to hear folks are sleeping so much better, feeling more relaxed yet energised & participants felt so focussed that some very big decisions were reached. Well done you – it’s amazing what can be achieved when we put our minds to it & we love to hear your achievements.

Do come & join us at Spring Retreat Day at Linden Hall Hotel on Sunday 17th April. It’s guaranteed to put the spring back in your step. A whole luxurious day of mindfully powerful techniques to manage any unwanted stress, those nagging worries & fearful anxieties so that you can reclaim that all important peace of mind. What’s not to like … wonderful food & great company as you snuggle up into one of Linden’s big cosy armchairs as we relax, reflect & revive ready to enjoy the Spring sunshine ahead.

Chris @ The Retreat People

World Laughter Day Sunday 1st May at the Angel of the North

For ChangeCamp Laughter Yoga fans, friends and everyone, we are getting together on Sunday 1st May to celebrate World Laughter Day with Laughter Yoga.  Laughter will be led by my friend and colleague Laughter Yoga Ambassador Lotte Mikkelsen.  Details are on Facebook –

A fun time!  Hope to see you there!  And a big thank you to all who joined my “Young at Heart” workshop and to the amazing gigglers enjoying my Laughter Yoga Playshop!

Get Ready To Relax & Revive @ Spring Change Camp

Change Camp is always such a special day, we always return home buzzing with new ideas & fresh thinking.

The Retreat People, Chris & Sue are so looking forward to welcoming you to the last workshop of the day where we can take time out to simply relax, reflect & revive our busy curious minds.

To Help You Enjoy Your Mini Retreat You Might Want To Remember:

  • Wear clothing that you feel comfortable relaxing in.
  • Bring your favourite lightweight cosy blanket or cover – some people like to lie on the floor although chairs will also be available
  • Just bring your desire to relax, chill out & simply enjoy yourself.

Here’s To Reviving With You In Style,

Chris & Sue – The Retreat People

ChangeCamp Is Hibernating

ChangeCamp is now in hibernation until the New Year.

In January I’ll start putting together the presentations for the Spring ChangeCamp 2016 on March 19th.

I have already had some interesting offers of presentations and I hope to see you there in spring.

Until then have a Cool Yule and a Prosperous New Year.


Header image courtesy of Simon Harrod

A Retreat In Mind

The Retreat People, Chris & Sue want to say a big Thank You to the many Change Campers who joined us at the end of a busy exciting day simply to relax & revive at our mini taster Autumn Retreat workshop.  As we drifted off to who knows where, some of us even falling into a deep blissful sleep, our minds were able to process all the new knowledge & experience we gained today ready to return home reenergised primed to enjoy the season ahead.  We are so looking forward to welcoming many of you to our Festive Retreat event on sunday 6th December – a whole day to yourself tucked away in the Northumbrian countryside experiencing more simply powerful stress busting relaxation techniques.

See You Soon,

Chris & Sue, The Retreat People



Saturdays Happiness Workshop

A big thank you to all who attended.  I mentioned the North East Action for Happiness Group.  It was re-launched in July.  The contact address is Broadacre House, Market Street, Newcastle, NE1 6HQ.  The email contact is   North East Action for Happiness has a facebook page.  Have a look for information and events.

Action for Happiness web is


Happy, Happy!

Keith Adams

Update on the “Is it Possible to Become Happier Presentation”

Food for thought!  The Recruitment Web recently published the results of a survey on the secret to career contentment – and it is not salary!  The key to being happy at work is an easy commute and a fun workplace – and stats find that 99.1% of young workers expect to stay in a job less than 3 years – they are on the hunt for career contentment says Reed communications manager Lyn Callilane.

Recruiter Randstad surveyed 2000 employees and found that ambitious 40-year-old women earning £31,600 a year were the happiest workers.

Is it possible to become happier?  Is it possible to become happier at work?  Keith says, “Can’t wait to discuss at ChangeCamp.”