Presentation: The Balanced Mind-Body Diet

Mind-Body Diet

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You may have heard about the benefits of a balanced diet?

In this workshop we are looking at what activities, when consistently present in our everyday life, build up towards and increase our balanced Mind-Body well-being and resilience.

I wonder where do you feel your thoughts.

Where do you think your feelings can be found?

How about your bodily experiences?

How do you know when your hunger is a real hunger instead of fancying something or that someone kisses you better than no one has ever done before?

Or on the other hand, how do you detect a half-hearted handshake from a genuine one?

Our mind-body experiencing can be seen like the movement of a swing; what matters is not the highest two points, but the relationship between those two highest points and what happens in that space where the swing swings between them.

We feel and think with the means of our body: our brain, nervous system, hormones and muscles do the job for us. Equally, we recognise and evaluate our bodily experiences, for example pain and pleasure by naming and grading them in our mind.

This workshop is about the concepts “mind” and “body”; how they are linked to each other AND how they can also be seen as “one and the same”, an organism that has different aspects in our inner experiencing.

Our session consists of fun and practical learning activities. We will play with the concepts “mind” and “body” using them as a pair of useful “ideas” AND explore how it can also be helpful to see “the Mindbody” as one. The aim is to create some new or strengthen present awareness on what benefits using mindbody-link has when you’re looking after your emotional resilience and wellbeing in your everyday, real life.

“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create” – Jana Kingsford

Presentation: Create Your Master Dream List

Master Dream List“Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams.  Live the Life You’ve Imagined” – Henry David Thoreau

To create change in your life the first thing you must do is dream!

Dream of your future.  Dream of what you want. Imagine your life as you feel it ought to be lived.

Why?  Because dreams shape goals! Goals drive us forward.

In goal-setting, the reason why most people are generally unsuccessful or fall short is because they do not know where to begin.  The use of a Master Dream List not only develops your Plan of Action, it also generates the re-birth of your natural creativity.  It reschools you in imagination and inventiveness.  You give yourself permission to write down any wish, want, or desire regardless of how ridiculous it may seem.

You need to bring with you a pen and plenty of paper.  First, you write down anything that comes to mind, then you categorize your dreams into sections. Sections may include a Social Dream List, Spiritual, Mental Development, Financial or Family Development.

This is a fun workshop.  The objective is to help you go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have imagined.

Presentation: Introduction to Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Image courtesy of o5com

Image courtesy of o5com

Solution-focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) takes a particular interest in what’s working people’s lives, as opposed to what isn’t.

This information often helps people to work out how to change the parts of their lives that aren’t running so well.

The most specific definition of the approach is attributed to Steve deShazer and Insoo Kim Berg. Along with colleagues, in 1978, they established the Brief Therapy Centre in Milwaukee, US.

From the outset they committed themselves to a combination of practice, training and research.

By 1984 their publications spoke of a shift away from previous approaches, emphasising a solution-building rather than problem focused approach, and a recognition that service users could often create their own strategies for change.

Several tools were found to operate like “skeleton keys”, unlocking a process of problem resolution across a wide variety of difficulties.

The workshop will cover the theoretical under-pinnings of the approach, video excerpts to show how the main techniques work in practice and opportunities to try them out.

The workshop will introduce participants to the main assumptions and some of the questions used in the approach through a mixture of presentation and experiential exercises

Presentation: How To Manage Your Inner Tortoise

Inner TortoiseHow to manage yourselves (and others) who default to tortoise mode when unwanted change or conflict is on the horizon.

In my last ChangeCamp session on managing your emotions in conflict, most of the tools were for managing anger.

This year, I’ll concentrate on tools to help you manage fearful and anxious reactions to conflict.

So instead of going from beast to Buddha, I’ll be talking about how to stick your neck out.

This session covers how to over your fear of conflict, learning how to say what you need, saying no nicely and sticking to it. (And still like yourself!)

“We can say what we need to say. We can gently, but assertively, speak our mind. We do not need to be judgmental, tactless, blaming or cruel when we speak our truths.” ― Melody Beattie

NB: You don’t need to have attended the previous ChangeCamp session to go to this presentation

Autumn ChangeCamp 2017

ChangeCamp is a day packed full of interesting and valuable seminars, presentations and workshops on all types of psychological change work. It is a great opportunity to try out new things and meet new people who are interested in the fascinating world of self-development and change.

Autumn ChangeCamp – 21st October 2017 – Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Presentation: Self Care And Kindness

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Presentation: Introduction To Mindfulness

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Presentation: Autumn Relaxation Retreat

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Photo courtesy of bigbrand .

Presentation: The Balanced Mind-Body Diet

You may have heard about the benefits of a balanced diet? In this workshop we are looking at what activities, when ...

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Presentation: Create Your Master Dream List

“Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams.  Live the Life You’ve Imagined” – Henry David Thoreau To create change in your life ...

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Presentation: Introduction to Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Presentation: Introduction to Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Solution-focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) takes a particular interest in what’s working people’s lives, as opposed to what isn’t. This information often ...

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Presentation: How To Manage Your Inner Tortoise

How to manage yourselves (and others) who default to tortoise mode when unwanted change or conflict is on the horizon. In ...

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Sorry, no more tickets available for Autumn ChangeCamp 2017, but Spring ChangeCamp 2018 will be here sooner than you think.

How to be a Better Listener and Laughter Yoga

A big thank you to those who joined my “How to be a Better Listener” presentation – keep practicing!  To those who joined my Laughter Yoga Playshop, here is a quote from the creator of Laughter Yoga, Dr Madan Kataria – “The source of laughter is play.  If you learn to play like a child, laughter will come naturally”.  That certainly happened at Spring Change Camp 2017 – you startled Andy Hunt with your mooing!  When you laugh, you change.  Here is a photo of you giggling away!

Springing Forward …….

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us at the end of the day for our mini retreat workshop. We’re always tight for space but who cares …. we just let our minds transport us away to who knows where & back again. It’s always fun to relax to revive with you all & melt  those stresses & worries away. We do hope that we’ve put some Spring back into your step so that you’re ready to really enjoy the sunny days ahead.

We look forward to retreating with you again very soon,

The Retreat People, Chris & Sue.

PS: Hope You All Slept Well Too!

Thank You!

Phew, that’s another ChangeCamp completed (the 18th!). A big thanks to everyone who contributed and took part in a great Autumn ChangeCamp 2017. I hope you all had as good a day as I did.

Thank you to everyone who came along to learn and explore the fascinating world of psychological change and who joined in the event so willingly.

Thank you to all the presenters who gave their time and expertise freely. As far as I could tell a lot of people got a lot out of the presentations.

A big thank you to the people who helped make ChangeCamp happen behind the scenes. Everyone who helped me with the preparation, pitched in on the day to set-up the rooms, and restore them at the end. All the people who helped keep things running through the day at the door and in the hall.

ChangeCamp is a conference on a shoestring, there is no paid help, if it wasn’t for the people who join in and help it just wouldn’t happen. To all of you, and you know who you are, my heartfelt thanks.

I hope you learned a lot on the day, met some lovely people and are looking forward to the Spring ChangeCamp 2018 is on 10th March.

Hope to see you there.


Get Ready to Spring Into Life ….

As ever The Retreat People Chris & Sue are so looking forward to welcoming you to our mini retreat taster at the end of the day. We know many of you love stretching out on the floor but chairs will also be available in our workshop room.

To help you relax remember to bring along your favourite cosy blanket & just wear clothes that you feel comfortable relaxing in then we’re good to go!

Our Best Regards

The Retreat People

Presentation: Create Your Own Confidence

Image courtesy of Chris & Karen Highland

Image courtesy of Chris & Karen Highland

Most of us may have had times where we wish we had been able to be more confident in a situation.

It may have been at a job interview, completing a presentation, talking to someone, learning a new skill or being able to start a new venture.

Often when we look back at situations that have happened and we did not think we came across as confidently as we could have or should have; we give ourselves a hard time and go back into that same mind-set when a similar situation occurs.

During the session there will be demonstration and practice techniques using NLP and mindfulness on how to create your own confidence when you need it and how not to give yourself a hard time if situations don’t go as well as you had hoped for.

Whether you have wanted to improve your confidence for years or just recently decide to, this session will give you strategies that you can use to improve your future confidence.