Amanda Glenister

Amanda Glenister

I have a pretty mixed background, but in most recent years I have worked as an Organisational Development Practitioner in NHS (mental health and acute care trusts), so my focus is very much on facilitating people development and personal growth.

Amanda is a trained coach, MBTI & Insights Practitioner (explores our psychological preferences), 360 feedback facilitator, workshop designer, learning facilitator and speaker.

She has worked with developing and supporting people throughout her varied career, having worked as a Human Resources Manager, Purchasing and Admin Manager in West Africa (random job), a Welfare Officer, an Organisational Development Practitioner, and Founder of her own business, offering career change coaching and wellbeing workshops.

Amanda enjoys continually developing her skills and knowledge, particularly in the field of personal development and mental wellbeing, and credits much of her awakened love of learning, personal and professional development to the NHS North East Leadership Academy.  She is currently undergoing a programme of study in Positive Psychology.

Since being young, I have experienced continual change because my fathers work required us to move around a lot.  I think this has been instrumental in making me the person I am today, as it required me to quickly assess and adapt to new situations and develop good relationships with people.  It helped me become naturally curious about people and the world, always seeking to understand and empathise, which defines how I now work with others.  I think this is also why I had a yearning to travel the world, which I did solo at a somewhat mature age of 38 years old; but it gave me an appreciation of what it is like to live in the moment and see what is important in life, without all the usual day-to-day white noise that often overwhelms us”.

“I think of myself as a bit of a tumbleweed, as I have moved around a lot and experienced different careers, none of which has been particularly planned; but all have lead me to where I am today.  I am now settled where I was born and where most of my family lives, in the Newcastle area. I genuinely want to make a positive difference to people, which is the reason I have set up my business, Mind Tours. There is no greater feeling than seeing somebody blossom or achieve their goals, and knowing you have been a part of their journey.”

Amanda works in a creative, interactive and intuitive way – she is a self confessed lover of metaphors, so be prepared for a good peppering of it in her workshop…the title might give that away!  Amanda admits she is not a therapist and does not try to be one, but she does have a wealth of unique personal experience, knowledge and tools at her disposal and is passionate about supporting and empowering people.

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