Beverly Sherratt

With over 25 years working nationally, and latterly internationally, Beverly specialises in Executive, Team & Personal Behaviour, developing self-awareness and building confidence, to help people and organisations progress to the next level.

She is also the Impostor Invader – Slaying the saboteur within!

Beverlys’ philosophy is – Self-awareness enables us to be honest with ourselves and others, bringing confidence to all we do. Helping people to increase confidence, develop relationships and understand their strengths by awakening their self-awareness is her passion.

Motivated by helping people reach their full potential, Beverly works with entrepreneurs and business owners who self-sabotage themselves or are held back through impostor syndrome, together with people who are struggling with their careers or those who are re-entering the workplace to boost self-esteem, identify and develop their skills and make the choices and change they need to succeed. Her programmes help leaders and business owners to communicate with impact and influence in order to build productive relationships, shaping positive workplace culture and improving mental wellness.

Beverly is a Consultant, NLP Coach, Mentor, Speaker and programme facilitator.

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