Jayne Caldwell

Jayne Caldwell

Jayne is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Licenced Coach and NLP Provisional Trainer.

Jayne has her own unique intuitive style and, from her own personal journey she also has a deep understanding of how we learn, and how we sometimes must unlearn, our mind programming.

Jayne is also an EFT Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, has studied Eye Integration and is always updating her knowledge base.

Jayne says:

I have a passion for helping people transform their lives and their minds using cutting edge personal development techniques that ‘work’. I have a life time of experience -I’ve been there. I’m an expert in ‘bad programming’. I know, through experience, how disabling our own processes can be and also how fantastically enabling they can be also.

I’ve trained with the best personal change gurus in the world, Dr. Richard Bandler (Scientist, author, co-creator of NLP), world renowned hypnotist Paul McKenna, John La Valle, Kathryn La Valle, Michael Neil, Jamie Smart, and homegrown international coaches in Matt Hudson, Adrian Brown, Nigel Hetherington.

Amazing people that I am so thankful to have met.

WHY CHOOSE JAYNE, NEW WAVE NEW MIND to help you delete/unlearn old toxic thoughts and feelings, help you re-inforce and strengthen your best resources and support you in your growth to be a better you today than you were yesterday and a better you tomorrow than you are today.

I look forward to helping you out of any ‘mind traps’ and into the best YOU, you can be!

100% Commitment for real ongoing change.

My Website: http://www.newwavenewmind.com

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