Karen Mills

Karen MillsKaren Mills has worked in educational settings as a College Lecturer, in private and public sector and as an IT Trainer (currently in the NHS). As a trainer Karen has met many people who can become quite stressed with organisational processes and with the use of IT and everyday life.

She decided to learn about ways of managing stress of other people to enable them to learn more effectively and also for them to use these techniques to manage their own stress.

Karen is qualified as a Master Practitioner in NLP, AAMET Certified Accredited Practitioner of EFT, and a Laughter Yoga Leader and has trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She has experience in dealing with people with anxiety, phobias, breaking long term habits, confidence issues, fear of public speaking and emotional trauma.

She cares passionately about the development of people and that they grow towards reaching their full potential. She works with people who want to make changes to enhance their lives.

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