Tracey Hutchinson

Tracey Hutchinson

Following a long career in the public sector, Tracey now runs her own development and training consultancy. Much of her work is informed by positive psychology; helping people become happier and more productive.

As a Business Psychologist and Master NLP Practitioner, she uses a range of techniques to help clients build resilience, hope, self-confidence/efficacy, and an optimistic way of viewing challenges.

This work is based on the research that has evidenced that people with higher measurements of all of these elements will flourish and be able to deal with problems in their life more easily.

Now also an accredited Happy Brain™ Coach, Tracey builds on her passion to help you find your best self through focused coaching and development developing your thrive drive through play and creativity. Working with horses has been her passion for many years. She has her own horses; Sheridan, who is now loving the retired life, and Snoopy, with whom she competes at dressage. She also teaches an extensive range of riding clients at all levels, and incorporates horses into her coaching practice with equine facilitated development.

Although Tracey loves what she does, she knows the importance of having time out, so her dogs and horses provide her escape, along with her new hobby of crocheting! Her current project is blankets for the homeless. Luckily, she says she’s not that good at jumpers so her family has breathed a sigh of relief! She’s also recently started more photography and finds herself looking at life with new perspective.

Tracey Hutchinson, MSc, Master NLP Practitioner, Happy Brain™ Coach

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