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Havening Techniques® Practitioner Newcastle (stage one)

Jurys Inn, Gateshead Quays, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne,

Join us on the ONLY Havening Techniques® training in the North East, in what Guardian readers labelled as the UK’s ‘Best City’ this summer!

Havening Techniques® Two-day Course

Discover the latest findings in neuro-scientific research founded upon the diligent work and values of Dr Ronald Ruden and his brother Steven and how this sublime process positively impacts the brain.

Learn about the body as an electrochemicalmagnetic organ and how havening responds to this. Understand why people like Paul Mckenna are using it as an fast and efficient changework tool.

Below is a video taken at the last Newcastle training where Carol was performing conversational ‘Event Havening’, rather elegantly. Simply, but there there’s a lot going on behind the scenes:

Physically see it in action on screen with some of Carol Robertson PhD’s brainwave software tools and practice the numerous different types of contemporary type of Havening.

If you are a therapist, changeworker or health worker of any that deals with stress, trauma, PTSD or accelerated learning, then this course is for you.

You will learn how to ‘self-haven’ and safely haven others, remove barriers and anxiety, trauma and emotional blocks fast by applying this deceptively simple approach to complex issues like addictive habits, phobias, and food issues.

This two-day havening training forms part of the havening practitioner syllabus and is hosted by Jay Arnott and delivered by Carol Robertson PhD of the Pyschosensory Academy, Edinburgh.

Get saving your pennies for best course of the year. Secure your space with a deposit. Or get the early bird offer in Carol’s website. Limited spaces available.

You can read more about Havening here: Havening Techniques® articles. or join us for some live online Coaching in April for only £1 if you book before the end of March. Yes, only a quid!

Havening Techniques® Two-day Course : 01314402589

Havening Techniques® Online Introduction

‘Live’ online coaching for only a quid!?

Join Carol Robertson PhD (Havening trainer) and Jay Arnott (Havening Practitioner) on this is really dynamic ‘LIVE’ virtual coaching.

Online Havening Introduction

It will be fun, engaging, and you will explore just how Havening Techniques® are taking the world of therapy and changework by storm.

  • Perfect for health professionals who want to make their practice even more slick and robust with set of deceptively simple techniques.
  • Learn how the neurological processes relate to other modalities such as hypnosis, NLP, tapping therapies, and learning.
  • Learn about the neurology, various differing types of Havening, and have practical tools to take away.
  • How Havening Techniques®it can treat fears, phobias, anxieties, emotional blocks fast.
  • How it can be used for other conditions like addictive habits and relationships with food.

    Book before Friday 31st March and get it only for £1.Yes, a quid. No catches!

    Book before 12th April and get it for only £10.

    After that, tiered pricing rises to £20, so act quickly – 50 spaces.

    Here’s the link again: Online Havening Introduction Open to all.

Havening Techniques® Approved Two-day Workshop: 23-24th Jan

Join us on this rare opportunity to be trained in Havening Techniques® at a great venue in what Guardian readers labelled as the UK’s ‘Best City!’

Learn how to apply havening to self and others, learn about the science, how to remove anxiety and emotional blocks fast, and the body of evidence based research that is evolving.

This unique one-off two-day training forms part of the havening practitioner programme and is hosted by Jay Arnott of NLP Newcastle and Coaching Accelerator and delivered by Carol Robertson PhD of the Pyschosensory Academy.

Carol is a highly skilled individual, she was one of the first havening trainers in the world and it is a pleasure to have here for this one-off opportunity.

The dates are 23-24th Jan 2016 and the venue is JURYS INN, NewcastleGateshead Quays where fantastic room, meal and breakfast packages are on offer, so speak to Jay if that’s something you’d like.

Here is the direct link for his amazing Havening Techniques® Two-day Course

For any other queries speak directly to Carol at www.haveningtrainings.com

Alternatively you can fill out the form below:

Or Speak to Jay.