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Mindset skills & Self-Hypnosis Weekend 24-25th March, Newcastle

For the North Easters and beyond, grab this one-off special opportunity to attend the full weekend for only £97 – or just one of the days at £70!!!

Saturday 24th March
Growth mindset language and demonstrations of removing blocks, fears, anxieties, physical and emotional pain elimination to help ‘grow your mind’ and position it where it needs to be in order to get you the results for 2018.

Sunday 25th March
Will be a self-hypnosis day to help reprogram your mind, thoughts, feelings and general outlook in life, work or performing contexts. Work with dialogue scripts, feelings, imagery and developing a positive future focus.

Discover more by visiting the landing page here: Mindset Skills & self-hypnosis Weekend

As we are keeping prices down to encourage more attendance to people from the North East and deliver more courses locally please check out and ‘SHARE’ the events page with friends on the Facebook Events Page here 

24 spaces and filling fast!

Book today to secure your place!

Jay Arnott & Simon Patrick-Jones

Havening Techniques® Practitioner Newcastle (stage one)

Jurys Inn, Gateshead Quays, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne,

Join us on the ONLY Havening Techniques® training in the North East, in what Guardian readers labelled as the UK’s ‘Best City’ this summer!

Havening Techniques® Two-day Course

Discover the latest findings in neuro-scientific research founded upon the diligent work and values of Dr Ronald Ruden and his brother Steven and how this sublime process positively impacts the brain.

Learn about the body as an electrochemicalmagnetic organ and how havening responds to this. Understand why people like Paul Mckenna are using it as an fast and efficient changework tool.

Below is a video taken at the last Newcastle training where Carol was performing conversational ‘Event Havening’, rather elegantly. Simply, but there there’s a lot going on behind the scenes:

Physically see it in action on screen with some of Carol Robertson PhD’s brainwave software tools and practice the numerous different types of contemporary type of Havening.

If you are a therapist, changeworker or health worker of any that deals with stress, trauma, PTSD or accelerated learning, then this course is for you.

You will learn how to ‘self-haven’ and safely haven others, remove barriers and anxiety, trauma and emotional blocks fast by applying this deceptively simple approach to complex issues like addictive habits, phobias, and food issues.

This two-day havening training forms part of the havening practitioner syllabus and is hosted by Jay Arnott and delivered by Carol Robertson PhD of the Pyschosensory Academy, Edinburgh.

Get saving your pennies for best course of the year. Secure your space with a deposit. Or get the early bird offer in Carol’s website. Limited spaces available.

You can read more about Havening here: Havening Techniques® articles. or join us for some live online Coaching in April for only £1 if you book before the end of March. Yes, only a quid!

Havening Techniques® Two-day Course : 01314402589

Havening Techniques® Online Introduction

‘Live’ online coaching for only a quid!?

Join Carol Robertson PhD (Havening trainer) and Jay Arnott (Havening Practitioner) on this is really dynamic ‘LIVE’ virtual coaching.

Online Havening Introduction

It will be fun, engaging, and you will explore just how Havening Techniques® are taking the world of therapy and changework by storm.

  • Perfect for health professionals who want to make their practice even more slick and robust with set of deceptively simple techniques.
  • Learn how the neurological processes relate to other modalities such as hypnosis, NLP, tapping therapies, and learning.
  • Learn about the neurology, various differing types of Havening, and have practical tools to take away.
  • How Havening Techniques®it can treat fears, phobias, anxieties, emotional blocks fast.
  • How it can be used for other conditions like addictive habits and relationships with food.

    Book before Friday 31st March and get it only for £1.Yes, a quid. No catches!

    Book before 12th April and get it for only £10.

    After that, tiered pricing rises to £20, so act quickly – 50 spaces.

    Here’s the link again: Online Havening Introduction Open to all.

ITA Certified NLP Practitioner Course – [October Early Bird Ending Soon]

Join us on the only John Grinder (co-founder of NLP) Accredited NLP training in North East England!

At NLP Newcastle we want to make NLP more accessible to all communities of learners and believe: “Everbody needs NLP”; that it should be part of the curriculum in schools, universities, business, and is an essential framework for all therapists and coaches.

Why pay a professional when you can learn how to self-apply NLP yourself and help coach family, friends, clients and colleagues in a way that delivers results?

That is why it is important to be taught Neuro-Linguistic-Programming in the right way in the way NLP was intended by its co-founders.

Perhaps you have been put off or confused by another training that complicated things or added elements outside of the co-founders intentions?

Even if you are already trained in NLP here at NLP Newcastle we can pretty much guarantee that your skill levels will be significantly elevated into the 21st century.

Moreover your confidence in the real world will increase, no doubt.

“The programme was easy to absorb through manageable segments of informative presentations and practical role plays. NLP is a wonderful field that allows one to really see the world in a positive light, I can not recommend this subject enough and Jay is your man to open the door to this exciting world.” – Sam Faruqi

The NLP Practitioner Immersion Course starts on Feb 15th 2016 in Newcastle-Gateshead and is being offered at an Early Bird price for £1197 £650 if booked or secured with a £150 deposit before the end of October 2015

The course operates with seven days of immersion coaching in NLP where you get accredited through NLP Newcastle and then another training and assessment weekend where you can get the opportunity of a gaining something very unique and exclusive, the ink signature certification from Dr John Grinder.

“Jay made sure not to overload us with information all at once, taking breaks whenever necessary and ensuring we understood a method before moving onto the next. His calm and laid back demeanour made him fantastic as a coach. I found as well as learning to help others I could learn things that would help myself and understand the power of the subconscious. This course, as well as one to one sessions with Jay, helped me to make really important decisions in my life that turned everything around for me.” – Helia Kesari

This is a one off opportunity. Check out similar www.itanlp.com courses in London and Leeds and Glasgow being offered at twice this price tag.

For more testimonials check out www.facebook.com/nlpnewcastle or visit our site www.nlpnewcastle.com and a selection of others on www.freeindex.co.uk

These course currently run at £1197 and the price will return!

So hurry or speak to Jay at changecamp or by booking in a call at bit.ly/Speak2Jay if you want grab the world’s highest standard of certification at twice the quality for half the price by the end of October 2015!

Who Am I Really? Personality Type Workshops, Optional Modules

Who Am I Really?

N.B. These workshops are only for people who have already done one of the Who Am I Really? core workshops, or had a full personality type 1-1 session with Richard.

Life is OK… but do you deserve more?
Perhaps things are just ticking along but you wonder if something is missing?

Do you want to improve your career, love life and stress levels?

Get real results with solutions based on the world’s most popular personality test, in our fun and exciting workshops in Newcastle.
Now is the time to make those positive changes: be excellent, be happy!

These workshops may help you to:

– Enjoy a successful and fulfilled life
– Find purpose and direction
– Feel confident, strong and optimistic
– Be calm, composed and energised
– Create thriving relationships
– Be comfortable with your natural self

Workshop dates:
Sun 26 Apr 2015: 2 – Facing The World | Using Your Persona
Sun 10 May 2015: 3 – Keep Calm | Dealing With Stress
Sun 17 May 2015: 4 – Me and My Shadow | Dealing With Stress Part 2
Sun 31 May 2015: 5 – What is Love? | Understanding Relationships
Sun 07 Jun 2015: 6 – Why am I Here? | Careers and Your Life Purpose
Sun 14 Jun 2015: 7 – Where am I Going? | The Journey Through Life

All workshops held on Sunday afternoons midday – 4pm at the Marie Curie Centre, Newcastle. £30 per workshop.

Read more about the workshops here:

Learn about how this programme works here:

Advance bookings essential, limited places:
Visit this page to reserve your place now:

N.B. The booking deadline for these workshops is 1 day before the event.

p.s. To get the most from the course it is advised to do all the workshops in order, although you can pick and choose the optional workshops if you wish.

“I am currently under a lot of stress at work so need as many tools in my armoury as possible to ensure I can cope. I feel I have learned a lot of strategies to help me from these events. I have told colleagues, friends and family how interesting and informative I felt they were and will continue to spead the word.” PA (Female, 50)

“Brilliant course to help understand your values and how you think, feel and work. Because of this I understand what I look for in myself and what I need in a good relationship. I can see where things have worked and not worked.” CD (Female, 27)

“I learned all about where myself and others are coming from. I now feel able to “return” to my core values and pay less attention to those that I was brought-up to follow, this is hugely encouraging and inspiring.” MS (Male, 42)