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ITA Certified NLP Practitioner Course

ITA Certified 10 Practitioner Course

20th – 30th July 2014 (10 days)




PAY ONLY £299 NOW as the deposit for the first Module


Total Price £1196.00  (pay only £150 deposit now!)


             MODULE 1

20,21st JULY

Sun – Mon


             MODULE 2

22,23rd JULY

Tues – Wed


             MODULE 3

24,25TH JULY

Thurs – Fri


             MODULE 4

26 & 28TH JULY

Sat & Mon


            MODULE 5 (Assessment phase)

Tues 29th July Peer Support and Practice Day

30th July Self, Peer and Trainer assessment



High Quality NLP Practitioner course in Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East England.


Run very sensibly through four modules with time to consolidate your learning, 11 days of high quality learning incorporating one day of practice and peer support, and one weekend assessment day.


This course focuses on giving you the tools and skills to become confident and proficient at practitioner level so you can go out in the world and be fearless when applying NLP on yourself and others.

(Please note: it is not recommended but is highly possible that if you unable to attend a certain module or the assessment day on a certain date then get in touch with Jay as these run at various times throughout the year. )


Designed to embed high quality learning, this is quite possibly one of the highest quality NLP Practitioner courses you can attend in the UK, let alone the North.


You will leave enlightened with a very clear view of John Grinder’s(the co-founder of NLP) intentions of NLP and the skills and confidence to apply these powerful patterns and techniques to your life, relationships and work.


The Benefits:


How to Master your mind and work with your unconscious to change behaviour and results.


Learn the classic key NLP Patterns and gain insights into NLP New Code developments.


Develop rapport with anyone at any time.


Influence others, ethically.


Form well formed outcomes.


Change behaviour at the level of state.


Learn how to eradicate fears and phobias.


Manage your state and nerves. (particularly good for performance and speaking!)


Overcome habits


Learn the No1 NLP skillset of calibration, how to ‘work out’ other people’s non verbal cues and responses.


Learn simple trance techniques for personal change,relaxation, and life goals


Learn the art of ‘anchoring’ positive resource states in yourself and others.


Program your own mind(and body) instead of it controlling you.


Learn NLP techniques to manage conflict individually and in teams.


Change Personal History.


NLP Modelling – the modelling of excellence.


Elegant and language patterns that help you get what want.


Enhance your performance in any field.


Generate High Performance states.


Overcome Stress


Relate NLP to communicating as parents or educators


Success Strategies for Business


What you also get is a comprehensive manual that is over 200 pages with all the latest tips, trick and techniques and highly practical hands on training.


You will also get:


Trainer support thoughout the entire course via skype, phone or blog.

Two Different Formats of Coaching Log Books

Full 18 Page NLP Glossary of Terms and Definitions

Tea, coffee, reshments


Much Much more…


Strangely, some NLP centres do not test your proficiency in NLP Patterning but testing is at the heart of our courses.


How else would you know you were competent?


We miss out what you don’t need and give you only the best of what you do need in order to perform, create change and confidently practice NLP out there in the real world with real people – and most importantly – yourself!


The result is that you will be taken to a place that is beyond your current perception of ‘best’, and that’s our commitment to you.


NLP Newcastle prides itself on creating excellent NLP Practitioners so you will learn the most contemporary applications of high quality NLP from the intentions of one of its co-founders and a very engaging NLP trainer.


We do not introduce other novel approaches to change work that are not NLP because we want you to be the best practitioners out there and to retain the important basics at practitioner level.

Although we feel this is generous it often confuses the learner, overloads their learning, and takes them away from integrating NLP excellence and the skills needed at practitioner level.

Albert Einstein once stated, “If you can’t explain something simply then you don’t understand it properly,” and this reflects what we are about, proficiency by making the complex coherent.

Therefore, you will leave our course fully confident, competent, and able to clearly define the time tested question of, “What is NLP?”, moreover, you will leave with the ability to apply it to yourself and others out there in the real world.

The course is run at a sensible speed and is highly hands on experiential.

We do not run ‘cheap’ or ‘free’ or ‘high value’ NLP courses as we feel this is devaluing the profession. Look carefully for other ITA courses throughout the UK and you will find that we have the best courses available for the best price, quality and sensible course length.

The course is ITA accredited which is some of the highest NLP quality training you will find anywhere in the world and is 10 days long which is the minimum required time as stipulated by John Grinder the co-founder of NLP.

For more information about these standards please visit: www.itanlp.com


Not only is this a 10 day course it’s an on-going support service and community, and the last day is a fun but fair assessment which will help you prove to yourself, in a very supportive environment, just how good you’ve become.

What’s more is that you will be ethically trained by Jay Arnott who has decades of learning at his heart and is not some person who has entered the field of learning and NLP overnight.

Jay prides himself on empathy, integrity, ethics, knows about learning, how to respect, and likewise challenge learners in order to get the very best out of his would-be practitioners.

So, become part of this growing community of learners dedicated to excellence.

Your course is delivered by Jay Arnott, certified Trainer of NLP with John Grinder (the co-founder of NLP), Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll, and is supported by a small team of competent practitioners!

Full cost for 10 days fun packed days of high quality learning only £1196.00


Contact Jay to make your deposit of only £299.00 now.





Or Call 07828577938 for a more personal chat or email:

jay ‘at’  nlp-coach.co


Discount available to members of the Personal Development Circle North East

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NLP (New Code) course 26-27.11.11

Introducing NLP (New Code)

November 26th/27th 2011

Linskill Centre, North Shields, NE30 2AY.

Be part of this unique training – here in the North East!

This course is  designed for coaches, teachers, educators, NLPers, or any person interested in effective personal change techniques that develop high performance states –  the perfect introduction to the original and most contemporary intentions of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

You will learn the foundations of NLP (New Code), including:

  • Befriending and communicating with your unconscious mind.
  • NLP New Code Games: inducing High Performance States – anyone, anytime, anywhere.
  • Changing the focus and quality of your attention to improve your quality of your life.
  • Applying the tools to yourself consistently to bring about lasting change.
  • Thinking differently about the NLP you already know (even if you didn’t know it was NLP!)
  • New Code Activities that work with your unconscious to shift unwanted states

The techniques of New Code NLP are easy to learn, and apply to yourself and others.  As such, this course is suitable for people completely new to NLP or highly experienced alike!

The course will be hosted by Gary Lintern, an NLP Trainer trained by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Claire and Michael Carroll of the NLP Academy and ITA(International Trainers Academy) who have granted him express permission to deliver this unique introductory course here in the North East. World Class training here…in North Shields! For more info contact jay@nlp-coach.co – 07848373271 or visit course info and bookings at www.nlp-coach.co

PD Tips – Personal Development Group 18.10.11


PD Tips personal Development Group started up in Newcastle on the 20th September at Tea Sutra tea House above Magic Box, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle.

PD Tips is a “Refreshing Infusion for the Mind.”

We meet 1st and 3rd Tuesdays to explore a vast array of personal development techniques from NLP to meditation, transformative writing, outdoor stuff, self hypnosis, socialize and drink exquisite world teas. So far, we have explored the groups higher positive intentions, developed our compelling visions and the next meeting on Tuesday the 18th October will be exploring how to tune into your body and develop unconscious body responses.

Time: 630pm for 7pm start, until 9pm.

Cost: £7.50 Incl of world teas.

Check out our venue at: www.pd-tips.weebly.com