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NLP (New Code) course 26-27.11.11

Introducing NLP (New Code)

November 26th/27th 2011

Linskill Centre, North Shields, NE30 2AY.

Be part of this unique training – here in the North East!

This course is  designed for coaches, teachers, educators, NLPers, or any person interested in effective personal change techniques that develop high performance states –  the perfect introduction to the original and most contemporary intentions of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

You will learn the foundations of NLP (New Code), including:

  • Befriending and communicating with your unconscious mind.
  • NLP New Code Games: inducing High Performance States – anyone, anytime, anywhere.
  • Changing the focus and quality of your attention to improve your quality of your life.
  • Applying the tools to yourself consistently to bring about lasting change.
  • Thinking differently about the NLP you already know (even if you didn’t know it was NLP!)
  • New Code Activities that work with your unconscious to shift unwanted states

The techniques of New Code NLP are easy to learn, and apply to yourself and others.  As such, this course is suitable for people completely new to NLP or highly experienced alike!

The course will be hosted by Gary Lintern, an NLP Trainer trained by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Claire and Michael Carroll of the NLP Academy and ITA(International Trainers Academy) who have granted him express permission to deliver this unique introductory course here in the North East. World Class training here…in North Shields! For more info contact jay@nlp-coach.co – 07848373271 or visit course info and bookings at www.nlp-coach.co

PD Tips – Personal Development Group 18.10.11


PD Tips personal Development Group started up in Newcastle on the 20th September at Tea Sutra tea House above Magic Box, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle.

PD Tips is a “Refreshing Infusion for the Mind.”

We meet 1st and 3rd Tuesdays to explore a vast array of personal development techniques from NLP to meditation, transformative writing, outdoor stuff, self hypnosis, socialize and drink exquisite world teas. So far, we have explored the groups higher positive intentions, developed our compelling visions and the next meeting on Tuesday the 18th October will be exploring how to tune into your body and develop unconscious body responses.

Time: 630pm for 7pm start, until 9pm.

Cost: £7.50 Incl of world teas.

Check out our venue at: www.pd-tips.weebly.com